From acquaintance and love to crying and separation, they experienced ups and downs and tasted all kinds of tastes. It was sweet with her and bitter with her, but no matter what she was in her heart, she remained a unique taste, a taste that made him want to try.


In three months, the love test set by about six families made them understand that if you love someone, you must first trust him or her and understand him or her, and they must establish a permanent letter, otherwise once you miss the opportunity, you will never be able to recover it.
The sunset at the seaside exudes a yellow light and the blue sea is covered with a layer of golden light. The sea breeze slightly brushed their faces and their elegant hair danced. Three couples swore their love vows to the sea and never gave up! Love you forever!
Lying on the soft beach, replaying the beauty in front of you was once happiness and now it is happiness! Lovers accompany two people around them, and their hearts slowly close to their mouths and raise a gorgeous smile, which is a sign of happiness. No matter what happened, we are now together! Everything is worth it! Love you because of regret, only you.
"Snow! It’s such a comfortable and romantic seaside ~ Do you have anything to say to me? !” Dazzling evil smile, handsome face, dazzling light, earrings, dazzling refraction of sunset.
"Words? What words? What am I going to say to you? !” Snow confused at dazzle for no reason.
"Don’t have anything to say? Then I will say it first! " Hyun suddenly got up and pulled the snow hand and ran into the sea. The sea spread and the cold crossed his calf.
"Officer foam snow! ! You listen to me! I-Nangong Hyun! Love you for the rest of my life! You will always be my princess! No one can take the place of you and me! Please believe me! " Hyun and Xue clasped their fingers and shouted at the end of the sea as if this was his promise to her generation that would never be erased.
Snow looked at dazzling eyes gushing tears of happiness and sobbed and opened her mouth "dazzling! I know what to say! " Snow smiled at him, and this smile contained all her love for him.
"The nangongshan dazzle you bastard! ! I like you very much! I like you very much ~ I like you more than I like myself! Because we agreed when we were young, I refused and others became cold. I like you, not like it, but love! Can you love me in this life or hey hey you know! " Snow shouted and flew overhead, and the flapping birds seemed to bear witness to their love declaration.
"Wow ~ seaside romantic confession! Very feeling! " Qi and Ya deliberately exaggerated and cried that they were clutching their lover and listening to his heartbeat. This moment is happiness.
"Hey hey ~ qi! Listen! I, Ouyang Chen, love you forever! How’s that? Did you get my message? " Morning looking at happiness next to qi evil spirit asked
"Cut ~ what bad confession! No one is dazzling and snowy at all! " The flowery confession words are not the point, but the point is that he loves her.
"Hey ~ what do you mean ~ I tell you a confession! It’s so hard that you don’t say anything ~ don’t respond to me? !” Chen looked at Qi with a smile on her face and knew that she was very happy at the moment.
"Hum! No way! Don’t expect me to confess to you! " Qi said and broke free from the warm palm of Shadow Night and ran to the sea.
"How can you be like this!" Chen made a heartbreaking expression and chased the petite figure in front, holding her arms and whispering to them.
"Ya ~ It’s our turn!" Ze still kept his gentle king elegant took elegant hand on his chest.
"Ya, I love you!" Simple words contain that he loves her because everything is silent.
"Me too ~ Ze!" So many confessions, this pair of normal and simple words warm two people’s hearts.
Three lovers ran forward with their hands clasped, and the breeze brushed their faces and bangs danced on the beach, leaving their love footprints.
There is a gentle breath around my ears, baby ~ that’s the sound of I love you! ilveyu~
lesdanegehergfri! gfri! dyuwannadanewihe?
[color spring fragrance]
[mixed with a premonition of love]
"Reach for a distance"
[The future is already close at hand]
[Take courage, mother lipstick]
[A light coat will make your heart beat faster]
Grow taller like an adult.
[keep it a secret from dad! 〗
[Although it is too early to say …]
But I can’t stand it.
[Come on leslesdane! lesdane! ! 〗