I have betrayed and liked it, and I won’t change it again. I can’t change it again. Chapter 91 Cold-blooded killers


But she really didn’t think that Ah Xie was possessed by Yi Shen. Was it him … or did Yi Xi infect him? She didn’t know, but she suddenly understood how sad it was for Ah Xie to wake up and become so ugly.
The dark shadow that has been chasing after himself has caused so many people to suffer. The dark shadow is disgusting and evil, and the evil spirit is not just a simple evil spirit …
It’s evil …
She once admired and favored her most. Ah Xie, who had protected her with her life, had turned into such a cold-blooded killer …
I really didn’t expect it.
I can’t believe that this person is the same person as the one I remember-
What on earth has he experienced during this period? Why didn’t he go to reincarnation well instead of paying into such a strange world?
What is going to become an evil spirit doing disgusting and terrible things?
Is she must annihilate the evil spirit-
How many times have I thought of this name, how can it give me the best memory? The person who has to annihilate the ugliest red ghost is actually the same.
To annihilate you, and to annihilate you with all my strength …
I already know that the mark of Manzhu Shahua is your dead hole, but it is impossible to get it if the other person is evil!
Do you know that you taught me to love and grow up and gave me great courage, but what have you forgotten yourself?
Forget light, forget forgiveness and love …
In this case, Aoer will feel very sad, too.
It must be very sad to let you die in pain like this.
In this way, it becomes the saddest spirit, and the words in the air always feel sad …
So even if you try your best, you must find a way to purify you-
"Before the evil is not the most gentle? What to forget their original sample … "
"At first, I was the same," repeated Chiruxie coldly. "You betrayed me and betrayed me, and people actually want me to go back to the original! ?”
"Didn’t Ah Xie tell me that when you meet someone you really like, you should go all out to grasp happiness and don’t let it go again?"
"So you want to tell me … that you betrayed me because I asked you to betray me?" Red if evil feel ridiculous "I’m your destiny, I’m your death, but you betrayed me!"! If I really said those words, then I now say that I regret it and you will come back! ? I want you to tell me now that you choose me and come back to me, then I will become the original! "
"Ah Hsieh isn’t like this …" Ziyun proudly remembered a long time ago. "Although I used to like you very much, your favorite person was you, but you taught me to grow up and love me, and I learned to follow my heart all the way here … Ah Hsieh, forget the past, forget all the things that make you happy or miserable, and you can be reincarnated …"
"You and I will be tricked into reincarnation before we take revenge. You don’t underestimate me!" Red if evil disdain sneer at 9 Chapter 9 You choose Huang Junyi and I will let you all die.
"O evil … O evil is because I have always been worried that I will never be annihilated and become a red ghost. I have to live and wait for me … will it become so bad when I know that I like others?"
Ziyun proudly said, "You killed a lot of people, many of them were koo, and there were many children. At that time, I should have guessed in Taoyuan Village that there were many times later when we all had contact. I should have thought of it, but I really didn’t expect that people who had been away from the world for so many years would have such an embarrassing identity on this continent!"
"I have always felt that Ah Hsieh left me happily. Although he is very, very sad, he will not remain malicious to the world. But I didn’t expect that the initial warmth and kindness would be tempered and become like this …"
If the evil body suddenly trembled, these words seemed to touch him softly, but immediately he recovered his indifference and said, "Don’t say so much. You choose me and come to my side at once. You choose Huang Junyi and I will let you all die!"
She’s the one who betrayed him. She has no right to say these words to him! !
There is no love if there is hate in his heart! He has paid enough, but he has got nothing. He will not pay any more. He needs to plunder and get back everything that belongs to him! ! !
Why did all his efforts finally let an urgent person get the happiness he deserved! !
"Evil-"Ziyun proudly wanted to say something!
"Don’t talk nonsense with her and kill her-"Ziyun Creek said coldly!
Ziyun Ao and Ziyun Creek look at each other. It seems that they see Bao Er’s eyes through Ziyun Creek’s body-
She didn’t know how Bao Er woke up and brought the spiritual power back to the body, but it must have been a very dark way and it must have paid a high price, which made her even worse.
Is it completely dehumanizing? ? There’s no other way to prove her meaning! ? I almost lost my life and got it back. Shouldn’t I cherish it more? ? It would be nice to go to reincarnation. Why do you want to harm people?
What’s the matter? Bao Er is still stubborn!
Does she hate her so much? ? She asked herself that she was not thin about her, and I really couldn’t figure out what made her hate herself so much.
There is also a cold feeling at the moment, which is the opposite of her impression of tenderness! But she never dreamed of being dark and obscure, and she always wanted to get rid of evil spirits, and she fought against Yi and herself again and again to hunt for the Lord of the spirit palace! !
Bao Er and Ah Xie used to be her favorite two people, and now she has to face the enemy!
Red if evil see ziyun proud dazed leng and Bao Er pushing at the same time-
The heavy rain poured violently on Ziyun’s proud body-
It’s cold—
Cold seems to be dying because I meet the person who once warmed her again, only to find that he has become so cold, and love is no longer what I remember.

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