Fire phoenix dance!


Edmundo’s fingers loosened, and this rocket turned into a phoenix with wings and flew to Quirino!
Dark shield! Quirino body around the cold light flush this cold light immediately turned into a mass of black fog!
The fire phoenix plunged into the fog, and Quirino’s body was flushed with red light. The black fog was gradually melted by red light, and Quirino shouted and fell unconscious!
"Camilo, purify him before dark magic can inspire him!" Edmundo shouted to Camilo.
Camilo’s head reappeared and the big ball of light quickly moved to Quirino, and the soft white halo immediately enveloped Quirino!
After a while, Quirino woke up again, and the black gas around his body was already swinging!
"Gregory IX has bewitched me with dark magic. He has become a devil and is no longer our holy father!" Quirino screamed as soon as he was awake.
"You should thank Camelot and edmundo. Without them, your soul will fall into the abyss of hell!" Grignon came forward and patted Quirino on the shoulder and said
"Dear archbishops and this wizard from the East, Quirino, thank you for saving me. God bless you!" Quirino said while his right hand crossed his chest.
"Gentlemen, I have an extremely urgent matter to tell you!" Edmundo suddenly said.
Three days ago, Pope Gregory IX of the Holy Roman Empire called an emergency meeting at the Vatican Palace and invited seven cardinal archbishops Antonio, Sabatino Cancer, tommaso Libra, Augusto Scorpio, Alexsandro Capricorn, Alberto Aquarius and edmundo Sagittarius to try King Frederick II for treason and burn him at the stake. Among the seven cardinal archbishops, five voted for the stake, while Arto Aquarius abstained and edmundo Sagittarius voted against it.
Although the vote at the stake was successfully passed, edmundo, a righteous honest and frank, questioned the verdict. I didn’t expect Gregory IX to send Alexsandro to assassinate him. Fortunately, edmundo was very alert, and the fire phoenix survived, and then he came to the border to report the news to everyone and collected this innocent Quirino by the way.
"When is the execution of the king’s stake scheduled?" Grignon heard about edmundo and immediately asked him.
"Twelve noon! In the flower square in the center of Rome! " Edmundo said.
"There is still a whole day’s journey from here to Rome. We must take a bus to Rome now or we won’t be able to come!" Giuliano said.
"Then you will hurry! I led the soldiers of the Knights of St. John and then rushed to Rome to meet you! " Quirino said.
"Dear bishops, I’ll go back to Paris and report to me first! I hope that we can wait until you have good news and we will fight side by side in the anti-Mongolian battlefield! " Pierre, head of the French Knights Templar, also said to the crowd
Ling Feiyang, Princess Natalia, Camilo, Grignon, Gonzalez and giuliano immediately boarded the carriage, and edmundo was riding a horse to lead the way. A line of seven people crossed the position of the Knights of St. John and rushed to Rome as quickly as possible without rest.
The next morning, seven people finally entered Rome and saw the streets of Rome. The civilians were whispering about the great news that the Vatican executed the king.
As the saying goes, "All roads lead to Rome", a war horse and two carriages rush forward along the wide stone road and gradually approach the city center!
"The Pope will definitely set an ambush on the road to stop us from saving the king!" The carriage giuliano mouth said
"It’s less than an hour before the execution of the stake, and even if there is an ambush, we must never retreat!" Gonzalez said
"Yes, we must save the king and completely overthrow this evil pope!" Princess Natalya also said with confidence
At this moment, a large black cloud floated overhead, and the sun’s light was blocked by this black cloud. The scene immediately became dim! Dozens of skinny dead people’s arms suddenly stretched out from the slate and grabbed the legs of these three horses. Three horses fell to the ground with a long hiss!
Ling Feiyang and others immediately pranced on the horse and edmundo flew on the horse and shouted, "Sabatino, come out. I know it must be you!"
Chapter 423 Four blockade lines
In order to rescue King Frederick II of the Holy Roman Empire, Ling Feiyang and other seven people rushed to Rome as quickly as possible, but they were intercepted by dark magic in the city center!
The devil breaks the ground! Edmundo, Archbishop of Sagittarius, immediately judged that this person must be Sabatino, Archbishop of Cancer!
However, Ling Feiyang and other seven people looked around and found that there was no Sabatino figure because of the gloomy clouds!
Seeing that these dead people are about to climb out of the road, Grioni suddenly recited a spell in his mouth, and the stone pavement turned into a quagmire in an instant. These ferocious dead people tried to climb again and sank into the ground!
Mud technique!
"Show up! Sabatino! " Camilo’s eyes suddenly turned on a bright ball and rose to half, re-illuminating the dark road and breaking Sabatino’s invisibility!
A black figure gradually emerged in the front. The man’s face was lanky and slender, with ten nails cut at the tip of the bar, and his face was unusually sharp. It was Sabatino, the Archbishop of Cancer!
"Sabatino, get out of the way. We’re going to save the king!" Gonzalez heart anxious at Sabatino shouted.
"Want to save the king? Then you have to pass me first! " Sabatino sneered at a zombie with blue face and fangs and bleeding corners of his mouth. It is vampires in the western world that emerge from the dark clouds overhead!
Kang Long has regrets! Ling Feiyang waved his right palm to the vampire before jumping! The palm wind penetrated the vampire’s body, but the vampire did no harm!
The energy body condensed by dark magic is actually a kind of energy body without physical virtual image, which is completely different from other magic.
The vampire floated to the front of Ling Feiyang and bit his neck! Ling Feiyang’s body suddenly flushed with white light. It was from Camelot that she learned the magic of light-the holy light armor!
The vampire just touched this piece of white light and immediately screamed and fell to the ground and turned into a pool of blood!
Sabatti’s heart was shocked, and a sharp nail stabbed his wrist, and a drop of black blood bead oozed from his skin.
"Dark God, my blood contract calls you here. Let these apostles from hell devour everything!" Sabatino mouth read a spell wrist this drop of blood bead suddenly flew into the sky into the dark clouds, vampires emerged from the dark clouds will ling float in the sky and others float up!
"Sabatino unexpectedly also made the dark magic! I’ll stop him. Go and save the king! " Camilo suddenly opened his eyes and two white lights came out of his pale blue eyes and turned into a halo in front of these vampires!
"Camelot will never lose to Sabatino. Let’s go first!" Edmundo shouted shining golden horse jumped from the ground!
Edmundo’s shining golden horse was protected by its master. Just now, it wasn’t killed by those dead people who popped up from the ground like the two horses pulling the carriage. edmundo flew forward and jumped into the flower square!
Ling Feiyang, Natalia, Grignon, Gonzá lez and giuliano all know that it is very urgent now, and Camilo has to stay here and move on after the shining steeds!
At this moment, the road ahead suddenly became windy and dusty, which almost fascinated everyone’s eyes!
"Look out!" Grignon suddenly saw a figure hidden in the strong wind approaching Gonzalez quickly and shouted at him, at the same time, the unearthed magic "extreme wall" stopped the man from attacking!
"The old man is really powerful and can stop my’ gale blade’!" A figure was revealed in the gale. It was Alexsandro, Archbishop of Capricorn!
"I’ll deal with this man. Go!" Grignon shouted and stood in front of Alexsandro!
Edmundo’s shining golden steeds have been rushed out of sight for a long time. Ling Feiyang, Natalia, Gonzalez and giuliano left Grioni here to continue to the Flower Square!
Four people rushed out of more than 100 meters, and several gray beetles suddenly flew from the opposite side. One of the flying insects was Augusto, the archbishop of Scorpio!
"This scorpion to me! You go! " Giuliano’s hands shot two water arrows into the palm of his hand, and in the middle, they turned into two elves to meet this group of beetles!
Water sprite Arrow!
Ling Feiyang, Natalya and Gonzalez left giuliano here and continued to gallop forward. However, another figure stood in the way. It was tommaso, Archbishop of Libra in Red!
"Lord Almighty, please give me the power of natural laws and regulations to imprison all these unbalanced ministries of magic!" Tommaso read a spell in his mouth, and Gonzalez suddenly felt that his energy field was about to be bound!
"Furious Lei Jingling, please give me poor strength to break the spiritual shackles that violate natural laws!" Gonzalez’s sudden thunder rolling in the middle of drinking is almost deafening! Tommaso’s mind control magic was immediately suppressed by this huge thunder to control Gonzalez’s mind!
"You go!" Gonzalez shouted a ling Feiyang and Princess Natalya ran out of a few hundred meters and finally saw a large rectangular square in front!
Flower Square! This is where that Vatican has execute important prisoners for hundred of years!
The Flower Square is crowded with thousands of Roman civilians, but Ling Feiyang and Natalia are attracted by a strange stone statue!