Virva head coach barrio really felt the pressure from home this time!


Virva fans are obviously dissatisfied with barrio’s letting his opponent show off on their turf, so they hissed after the game, but this hiss was not directed at Hertha, the visiting team, but dedicated to Virva, the home team.
It seems that it is also a unified thing for Spanish football home team fans to boo their own teams.
Otherwise, how can Spanish fans play the practice of dancing white handkerchief?
You know, this move is not for the visiting team, it is to express dissatisfaction with the performance of the home team
Virva players are obviously anxious when the home fans hiss.
They rushed in and tried to equalize the score before the end of the half-game.
But failed to do so.
At half-time, the score was still 1, and Hertha was temporarily in the lead in the away game.
Chang Sheng praised the team’s performance severely at halftime.
Then tell everyone to make persistent efforts at halftime.
He didn’t say anything else.
Because he knows these players know what they should do.
After the half-time incident, the tacit understanding between the two sides further increased.
Since the tactics are fine, what else is there to say?
Finally, he took out his crown and waved it to everyone. "Thank you for your gift. I like it very much!" "
Then there was a relaxed and cheerful smile in the dressing room.
Compared with Hertha’s locker room, the atmosphere in Virva’s locker room is somewhat dignified.
But before the game, it was a different scene because I heard that everyone in Hertha Chan was full of confidence.
They talked easily and waited for the field to completely defeat the divided Hertha.
Now everyone can’t laugh.
Hertha scored a goal, which is not the most important thing.
The most important thing is that they all know that they are not exaggerating or exaggerating as the media said.
At least for now, they are very United.
Such a United team then took the lead and they were very good at playing defensive counter-attacks …
The thought of these three points makes Virva players feel headache.
They have unconsciously accepted such a setting-Hertha is a tough team. Although they are struggling to avoid relegation like Virva, they are just fucking tough!
Barrio frowned. He doesn’t know what to do now.
His tactics are mainly attacking. Only when dealing with Hertha will the team keep the defense line intact and curb the opponent’s counterattack.
It can be said that his psychological advantage at half-time is based on the fact that both sides are tied.
But now Hertha is ahead, and his advantage is overwhelming.
He is a little confused about what to do.
If he wants to equalize the score, he must invest more troops in the attack, so that he can ensure the integrity and stability of the defense line.
When the time comes, a sneak attack by Hertha may be directly fatal …
But if you don’t do anything, it’s a matter of losing, losing more and losing less.
Barrio a person there face rain or shine for a long time finally determined … Attack!
If you don’t attack, you are dead. If you attack, you still have a chance to live.
In this way, Virva stepped up its offensive at half time …
Seeing that Virva finally worked hard, even the full-backs frequently assisted.
The Virva fans in the stands finally got over it. They gave a huge cheer to cheer for the team.
This cheer has also created an illusion for Virva players that they have already defeated Hertha by natural enemies.
This attack can break the door!
This attack can’t be repeated!
Didn’t score in this attack? That attack must not have run away!
Everyone is expecting Virva to score in the next attack.
But after waiting for a long time, it was Hertali who finally came. They pressed heavily behind them when they fought back and then struck a fatal blow …
"Baradoba, Baradoba, Baradoba, Balado! ! Ba! Pull! More! ! !”
As the commentator roared, center Balado ran across the court with his arms open and chased his teammates behind him.
Nuevo Colombino Stadium fell silent again.
It is not the end of the world that they can still catch up with two goals behind one goal.
But this ball gave them a blow and made them realize whether they can win by attacking like this, but they will definitely continue to lose the ball!
At that time, Virva’s morale was exhausted and he couldn’t drum up any more.
The cheering in the stands is also much smaller, and many Virva fans are directly silent
They also see that Hertha’s defense is very tight, especially those players who are not afraid to die and fight for Janville tiles. Virva players are also very hard to fight, but Hertha players can fight better than them.
My team’s position is not dominant, so the last bad luck can be Virva …
Changsheng is sitting in the coach’s seat, and his mind is not in this game.
He’s really thinking about next season now.
This season, he has been relegated successfully. Next season, he will get a transfer. The big team needs to improve its strength, but the season goal is still relegation.
You need to make up for your strength, but who should you buy?
A traveler certainly knows which post-stars are not famous now.
But it doesn’t mean you can buy it if you know it.
Some people look down on a small team like Hertha, and others may be willing to come, but Hertha may not be able to afford it. After working here for nearly a year, she always wins, and now she knows the financial situation of this club very well.
Most football clubs in Spain are currently in debt, but some clubs are still in debt and some clubs are in debt.