Once again, the wind resumed the acceleration state that had just been eliminated due to the combat mode. Zuo Tangtang looked at the map very carefully and found the direction, so she ran over in a rush. Generally, if she walked by her own feelings, it would be easy to take a fork in the road. When she walked, she had to carefully look at the direction.
Looking at the role as they adjust to run forward, Zuo Tangtang’s thoughts are pulled again …
This time, what she wants to go to Peach Blossom Island is what she said, which is still in her ears. In general, there will be no conflict between forces. In the game, setting is hidden forces. Don’t ask the Jianghu earthly world, such as the Flower Palace. If you see any injustice or improper business, you will calm down and rescue the weak, turn around and leave. It is not only difficult for outsiders to peek at it, but even their cousins will not act ostentatiously in the rivers and lakes. The people will not even know that the characters are actually talking about it just above their heads, or they will leave in a hurry or hold a handle.
However, after all, it is convenient for someone in the game, and there is conflict. Generally speaking, the two forces of Peach Blossom Island and Flower Palace hate less, and the evil root gate is the object of hatred that all Jianghu people hate.
Regardless of the daily persecution activities, people who are interested in the East Factory are willing to come and have a try. This group of fathers-in-law are still willing to greet them with smiles. Some people are willing to help them finish their work. Are they happy? However, when no one wants to do it that day, it will appear as if Zuo Tangtang saw the situation.
Can you imagine the despair and indignation when Tintin was told that he could only pick up his son when he was suddenly cut off? !
Hating women is cruel.
Men in hatred are not underestimated.
Because of this kind of reason, the hero posts the government to hunt down the wanted grandfather at Genmen, and sometimes something happens. What’s worse, the grandfather also has the most disgusting trick for martial arts fighters, which is also the reason why everyone hates it.
That is the magic leech.
When the other person is dying, putting the blood-sucking magic leech unique to the root door on his body to suck blood can cause the other person’s debuff’s blood-returning ability to drop by 90% in one hour, and even if he meditates and smashes blood, it is difficult to replenish blood.
If the average person is not here, it will be no big deal to farm or do daily work, and an hour will soon pass.
However, this magic leech can only be placed in a situation where he has been seriously injured and can’t afford to fall to the ground and will die. It is impossible for five bloodsuckers to kill five people every day, regardless of whether they can kill each other or not, and it is also a problem to quickly suck blood when they can grasp that point.
Therefore, in places like Yizhuang, Suzhou, where red fights are discussed, it has become an ambush holy place to be continued.
[315. Chapter three hundred and seventeen The heart is unpredictable]
When the gray sky appears in the field of vision, people often have not recovered from the shadow of death failure, and at this moment, they are sucked by the magic leeches placed at the root door.
When they react, they come back to life and get up, but they can’t find the trace that has already disappeared. The roots have an interface with the right corner buff showing what happened to them and how to plot against them.
Grandfathers regard the war-torn place as the best point for themselves to complete. They need to look on the side and sometimes they can easily find a good target without hiding. After all, everyone here is fighting, and their defense is always in front of their own enemies. Who noticed that looking at people not far behind them is actually trying to suck their own blood?
Often, when one side falls on the other side, the roots are out before it can be said.
It’s better to learn how to cut flags in the battle. Although the blood is sucked, I’m in a place where I’m very sick and lose benefits. buff can’t be brave enough to learn again, but at least I can stay away from finding a place where there are not many enemies and have a good breath. But if the blood is sucked in the situation of killing and helping the war, it will have a negative impact. Before I get back to the city, I’m estimated that all the enemies who are eyeing up will pay more attention to their own state than themselves.
Therefore, if you think about the root door carefully, it is really quite relevant.
Alas, I can’t help myself in the Jianghu.
Zuo Tangtang shook his head and sighed with emotion. If it weren’t for the head of the root gate, the father-in-law of the B East Factory asked them to do so, they would also like to be a favorite * * washing, cutting and blowing boy in Jinling tree. After all, if people have a normal mentality, they are not willing to be the object of hatred of the broad masses of people.
Well, we’re almost there. No, no, it seems that we just passed by the wall. There’s np!
I hurried across the west gate, Zuo Tangtang ran to Suzhou City for a long time to make a map, only to find that I seemed to have passed by, thinking about myself, be careful all the way, and np people probably didn’t see the figure passing by at the corner of the tower.
Zuo Tangtang ran past again and found that it was really like his own guess.
It’s a good thing that I’m in the city now, and the distance is not as far as it used to be in the wild, so I can slow down my steps.
Thinking about the previous thinking, Zuo Tangtang once again lost in thought. Although Jianghu people generally hate the root gate, the powerful swordsmanship there can really make people feel frightened. In addition, this time, the power war guessed by Cat Ear Niang is bound to appear in the near future. It is impossible for three parties to kill each other. In most cases, one party will unite with one party to attack the isolated party, so the problem comes.
Who will be the isolated party?
Zuo Tangtang knows that the root gate is different from the evil of Peach Blossom Island and the madness of the Flower Palace. It belongs to the real evil force, but it is isolated but not necessarily the root. All this depends on the three parties’ trouble to judge whether the movement is an alliance or * *. They must be prepared for the first time.
This is what the cat ear mother told her.
This is also that purpose of her visit.
After all, people are unpredictable.
What may happen in this treacherous situation is predicted by law.
What the hell is this peat?
Zuo Tangtang has been spoiled by the simple and almost mouse-moving, and has been thinking about the power. This is the automatic pathfinding situation. Her characters have been going back and forth around the city wall for two weeks before she finds out what is wrong.
Playing with the panel and reading the text, I saw the last np name shown excitedly and ran over, but I stopped and looked at it for a long time again.
What gui does Zuo Tangtang still want to talk about?
Put away the original somewhat relaxed mentality Zuo Tangtang carefully looked at it from beginning to end without missing a word.
The more you look at the head, the heavier the black line is.
I know that I can take my own fisherman Zhang San to ask the player to pick up pearls, but Zuo Tangtang vaguely remembers that Zhang San just gave himself a meal because he didn’t get wet all over his clothes, but he also picked up Zhang San and asked her to steal them. Jia Dacai, a wealthy businessman in Suzhou, is a real pearl.
Let’s not talk about Jia Dacai. Let’s just say that this stealing plan is Zhang San’s plan, saying that the player should divert Jia Dacai’s attention first, and then … Zhang San will … steal?
Well, well, whether Zhang San despises himself or not, and whether he won’t give himself a dividend, Zuo Tangtang said that she can still endure a plot because he wants to sell the pearl and finally help the village.
But this is it? She thinks it’s a joke. What do you mean by diverting Jia Dacai’s attention? Jumping in front of him can make Jia Dacai not notice Zhang San’s jumping rabbit?
All right, show her how to do it, but Maoxian himself has been jumping in front of him like a stupid bird for a long time, and he just jumped to the roof with flying skill. Damn Jia Dacai still didn’t pay attention to himself
Oh … By the way, there seems to be a sentence that deliberately tricked Jia Dacai into watching kites and then jumping to divert his attention … Is this actually a clue that Zuo Tangtang touched Ba? It’s not that you can ignore your own lines, but you have to say them yourself?
Zuo Tangtang frowned and looked at the pedestrians around him.
This is the street … Do you really want to jump and shout here?
Looking at the right corner, a little bit goes by, and then looking at the body, Zuo Tangtang bit his teeth and moved the distance with a mouse in his hand, a little closer to Jia Dacai and ready to jump.
After all, I’ve come all the way before, so my flesh hurts and the wind has already broken. What else can I not let go of?
Zuo Tangtang’s eyes are firm. Enter the car and type in one go.
Send carriage return direction key carriage return again.