Xia Man is like a lion blasting and drinking, which is like a thunderbolt coming into the world. With the voice falling out, selling sword light in the heavenly sword array becomes faster.


Swish swish swish.
The sword light like the wind gathered into a ferocious dragon, which impressively contained Xia Man’s urging to issue 31 kinds of 3 kendo rules and force to blas away at the corpse witch and witch soldiers.
At this time, the sky was dark in the distance, and the white Guanghua was getting closer and closer, and the horrible, cold and dead breath was within reach.
"No, the Lich King has arrived."
Xia Man exclaimed that the sword tactic was pinched and cut to the corpse witch soldier’s sword, which once again became much faster. At the same time, a hundred-meter sword containing his thirty-one kendo rules went up into the sky and burst into the sky like sunlight, and the horror momentum of generate, the corpse witch king, came out.
Chapter 33 Escape
Ho ho ho.
This line contains Xia Man’s thirty-one kendo rules. After the destruction of the heavenly sword array, the peerless sword awn has been dull, and the witch soldiers finally burst into a roar.
Like a dragon singing and thunder rolling, a black cloud suddenly appeared on the top of the corpse witch’s head, blocking the white jade of the corpse witch’s perfect body from shining white light.
Click click.
The sword light cut through the black fog, like falling into cotton, was imprisoned by a force like running water.
Contains thirty-one high kendo rules. The sharp sword light has been firmly locked and can’t move forward.
"What’s the matter? What means is this? Even destroy the heavenly sword array can withstand the resin lich king really to be reckoned with "
Summer pretty exclaimed a motionless eyes staring at that group is the sword light gradually kill clean black fog.
Hissing, hissing
A slight sound even the number of swords in the array of heavenly swords dissipated, and it became more and more dim and less.
"Bad resin WuBing reality is too much! Destroy the heavenly sword array is not powerful enough to imprison him, but what happened to the corpse witch? "
Xia Man frowned and Zou stared at the black fog that enveloped the corpse witch soldiers.
Hissing, hissing
At the same time, an angry explosion of wine came from the sky, and in the distance, the night suddenly appeared, and the shriveled body of the Lich King appeared.
"Xiao you are dead meat! It seems that you can’t stay without repentance! "
The corpse witch king’s shriveled body suddenly swelled, and his cloak became hundreds of times bigger and turned into a cloak to cover the sky. In an instant, Xia Man was rushed out and wrapped in thirty-one kendo rules.
"Hum! The tree is overreaching! "
The corpse witch king suddenly exploded and drank his shriveled body and suddenly became taller. A statue that was more than ten meters high was exactly the same as the corpse witch soldier. The Yuan God appeared, and the big hand grabbed the cloak and was about to wear it.
"Bad rules for 31 rules! There are really two small ones! ;”
The corpse witch king suddenly shook his hand and threw out the cloak that gradually became smaller. B’s face changed and he looked at the distance and fought with the corpse witch soldiers. Xia Man gnashed his teeth and said
The Lich King shook out his cloak and listened to a crack in it.
Click click.
It seems that the sound of cloth being torn is regarded as a self-defense treasure by the corpse witch king, and the cloak has been condensed to the realm and was shot through by the sword light.
Swish swish swish.
For more than a dozen swords, the light and brilliance flowed through the cloak and rushed at the corpse witch king.
"Hum! Looking for death! "
The Lich King finally got angry and was rushed to the front by Xia Man’s sword light. The Lich King was furious and seemed to be greatly humiliated.
When the strength reaches the realm of the kings of the heavens, where will the corpse witch king be bullied by a little wizard?
At this moment, Xia Man not only cut his cloak with a sword light, but also rushed to the front. The Lich King thought it was a shame that could not be washed away.
Have you ever suffered such humiliation in the zombie king layer that has been rampant for hundreds of eras?
The Lich King drank a black note and blaster out, and a horrible skull rushed to the front of these dozens of swords and swallowed it up.
Hissing, hissing
More than a dozen shining swords are enough to tear the earth. Don’t eat this horrible skull in one breath.
After these sword lights were swallowed up by the skull, I surged inside the kendo rules, and generate came out, especially belonging to Dugu Xingyun’s thirtieth kendo rules and Xia Man’s own understanding. As soon as he went forward, the invincible kendo rules were unstoppable, and the skull would be split and torn to pieces in an instant.
The corpse witch king’s shriveled face suddenly turned cold, and a cool colour shot out from the green eyes.
Cold light breaks through the walls, and the breath of cold terror and death sends out an instant corpse witch king, and a corpse witch field condenses around him.