"Ahem, two, although this auction is inconvenient to disturb, I’ll be leaving now." Looking at the iron knife door Mufu, all the people were fighting, and the black robe was also an old sound. Soon a black robe figure got up slowly and was ready to leave.


Looking at the black man’s back, there is a strange dark color on the railway face. I didn’t notice the former when I came in just now, but now I see the former’s looming soul coercion, which makes him secretly heart-pounding.
"Seven seas master, this old man took me away to buy that fourth-order monster beast, three-tailed demon wolf essence blood. You must make my decision." Next to the seven seas, Mu Han saw Han Chen and turned to go. His face changed slightly, and he looked at him with a face of request.
Smell speech that the master of the Seven Seas gently nodded and said, "This friend, next to me, is Mu Han, the gentleman of Mufu. He urgently needs those three monsters, wolves, spirits and blood, and hopes that his friends can give up what they give up."
"Smell speech that black figure is zheng when a lukewarm sound turned around and looked at the seven masters indifferently.
"The highest bidder will get it. Hehe, leave now."
Seeing that the black man didn’t give him a face at all, the face of the master of the Seven Seas also changed, and when he snorted, a soul force of the earth suddenly poured out from the sea of knowledge and suddenly taxiing force went to Han Chen.
Buzzing …
The soul force buzzed to a low-pitched explosion sound, and the faces of those around it were also transient and a little pale, and their faces were shocked. They looked at the master of the Seven Seas who looked rather gloomy.
Seeing the master of the Seven Seas without saying anything is to start work. Han Chen also smiled indifferently. After seeing the latter’s slightly discolored face, Master Tianmin shrugged his shoulders. It seems that Master Tianmin didn’t dare to stop the master of the Seven Seas.
"Hum" feel the soul force coming black robe is also a cold hum thick soul force instantly spread from Han Chen eyebrows, and then it suddenly slammed into two soul forces of the Seven Seas. Although it didn’t cause any substantial damage, those people were as pale as paper, and some people with low strength also spit out one mouthful blood. The soul force was impenetrable to them, and even the soul was temporarily suffocated.
Body slowly receded Han Chen gave a stuffy hum and looked at the face with a proud look. The master of the Seven Seas immediately said, "The master of the Seven Seas is really fierce, but I don’t know if the master of the Seven Seas can meet me." Han Chen also raised his left hand and suddenly the air flow around him became disordered. At last, the temperature gradually rose to the palm of Han Chen’s hand and a tiny purple flame appeared.
"This is?" Watching the purple flame suddenly appear in Han Chen’s palm, Master Seven Seas’ face flashed with incredible smile and said slowly, "Are you a refined pharmacist?"
There is no denying that Han Chen smiled and ignored the seven seas. The corners of his mouth slightly raised his mind, and the purple flame slowly floated before Han Chen. A little tiny flame rose and the surrounding gas evaporated.
As soon as the "go" was uttered in a low voice, the purple flame turned into a purple mountain and roared out, which was ignored by the master of the Seven Seas.
Seeing such a strange purple flame coming at him, the face of the seven seas master is also a little afraid of dark color. It seems to him that this purple flame is probably some Warcraft or monster beast fire.
Some refined pharmacists have a secret method to forcibly take out some fire properties of the earth, and then integrate them into the body to refine medicine. Of course, this animal fire can also fight and rise some.
"Drink" the master’s face of the Seven Seas becomes rather gloomy at this time. When an extremely earth vitality bursts out and is mixed with the soul force of the earth, it is a lux barrier that blocks the purple mountain.
The collision of two energies produced a red and a purple, and the two energies were constantly eroding.
This short period of balance lasted for a moment, and finally it was an explosion with purple energy and light like waves. Soon, the two figures also retreated awkwardly.
Click …
All of a sudden, there was a loud click, and the black man’s whole body exploded, and a familiar face of the black man suddenly appeared in front of everyone.
"Are you? Han Chen? " Seeing that black boy who made him lose face at that time, the master of the seven seas changed his face slightly and rolled his throat, but he didn’t speak again.
Not far away, Master Min’s mouth twitched. He didn’t expect the black man to be a boy under the age of 16 or 17.
"Ha ha, Han Chen brothers, is that you?" See Han Chen when the iron double pole first one leng soon face is a smile quickly walked beside Han Chen eyed the latter with a strange look in his eyes.
"Big Brother with Double Knives is the younger brother" nodded gently and looked at the iron double knives so heroic. Han Chen also smiled and suddenly thought of something, but said, "I don’t know if Big Brother with Double Knives bought this clever three articles?"
Smell speech iron double-edged sword ha ha a smile and said, "This is a gift my brother is going to give you." Speaking, the iron double-edged sword suddenly turned around and looked at the face, rain or shine, and the master of the Seven Seas sneered and said, "Seven Seas, how dare you make moves on my brother? I’ll give you two ways. First, you leave with those Mufu people. Second, I’ll kick you Mufu people out. "
Listen to the iron double words that seven sea master face is also changing. Chapter one hundred and thirty-three Nine days [the second more]
"Shout" light breath that seven seas face rain or shine when the corners of the mouth raise a smile coldly looking at the iron double knife that a wave of his hand is with those MuFu all slowly leave.
"Humming iron double knives will solve your problem later today, and you will wait." The new tone comes from the mouth of the master of the Seven Seas. Although it is very small, it is heard clearly by Han Chen and them.
"I’m waiting" to see that a group of people left Mufu in a hurry and disappeared. The iron double knife is also a cold smile. When I turned around and looked at Han Chen’s cold smile, it gradually faded and replaced it with a heroic and kind look.
"Ha ha Han Chen bro, I will give you this clever three articles." The iron double knife smiled and walked to the master of the people that day and handed over a amethyst card with four hundred thousand gold coins, which took the book and threw it to Han Chen at will.
"This is the younger brother’s welcome. Haha" Han Chen first leng leng also took over the soul cultivation secret method clever three articles. He knew that this iron double pole was a heroic man. If he refused, it would be somewhat unappreciative
"The younger brother will also give a gift to the elder brother with double knives." It is already well thought out how to repay the gift of the iron double knives by earning the clever three articles to Kirin Jiehan Chen.
"Okay, Han Chen bro, I’ll take you out for a stroll. This Cyclobalanopsis city says it’s a big joke. If it’s really a stroll, you have to write it." Iron double pole smiled and pulled Han Chen away quickly.