Man-eaters spray venom, and the female tiger wants to split it. At the same time, Gao Chen has shouted "Don’t let"


Although his voice is very timely, it can’t catch up with the female tiger’s natural reaction. After saying that the cannibal’s body has jumped out of thousands of miles away, the female tiger also reacted to listen to her roar and then chased it out in the direction of cannibal!
In my heart, I was deeply afraid of Gao Chen’s scolding. She was already somewhat afraid of Gao Chen. All the way, Gao Chen kept hitting the trapped spell at the cannibal position, but the speed of the cannibal was too fast. The trapped spell of Gao Chen failed again and again. It is gratifying that the speed of Ying Yuehu was not slow, so Gao Chen did not chase it alone. Now, the best way to intercept the cannibal is to hit the trapped spell. Although it has been smashed many times, it has not been successful.
Even so, Gao Chen didn’t give up because she wanted to succeed. At this time, Gao Chen believed that Ying Yuehu could chase all the trapped spells. That was because she couldn’t stop chasing. The female tiger had already apologized to Gao Chen, but Gao Chen didn’t say a word, but she was a little nervous. At this time, Gao Chen kept smashing the trapped spells, so sometimes she blamed her!
Although there is no danger at this time after the second reflection of the moon, they also hate the man-eating beast and their husband and wife and have the heart not to kill! For Gao Chen, although a little angry, the tigress is timid, but things have already happened and she can’t be chased back. At this time, it is right to think about how to kill the man-eater and hate Gao Chen.
Constantly chasing Zhong Gaochen’s trapped spell finally hit the man-eating beast in front, but because of the huge body of the man-eating beast, it didn’t make him think that Kang Jinghu stopped for a second, but at this point, the female tiger had chased him and then slapped him with one paw, fearing that the man-eating beast would not want to continue running, but Gao Chen was hit by another trapped spell.
At this time, the male tiger also chased the man-eating beast and said angrily, "Don’t push me too hard. Don’t really think I’m afraid of you!" …
"Hum, I’m not afraid of what you’re running for. Now we just want your life." This is a roar from the chasing male tiger, and then it also pounces on the man-eating beast!
Man-eaters came to run away on their own, and these two Ying Yuehu didn’t want to kill themselves, because he still had to fight hard, and the two Ying Yuehu didn’t necessarily take much advantage, but I never thought that these two Ying Yuehu would kill him and fight back in great anger, and at this time he seemed to be out of his power to see that the snake tail was powerful every time, not only faster than before, but also more destructive.
At one time, I was surprised that the tiger of Liangying Moon couldn’t take him away. Even so, the man-eater tried to run many times and was intercepted, which made the man-eater furious. "Do you really have that little thing? Now I have to go. If you want to fight hard, I will certainly accompany you, but even if I die at that time, I will pull one of you. Don’t doubt whether I have this thing!"
"Hum" The female tiger is a cold hum, but the attack intensity is obviously loose. Many cannibals are still effective. Obviously, the female tiger believes his words, and the male tiger seems to hesitate at this time. After all, the cannibals are powerful. They really want to work hard. Is it worthwhile to report what happened today to the clan? This cannibal will not have a good result!
In the heart, it is naturally weak to think about attacking like this. See Liangying Moon Tiger in a few minutes. Although he didn’t speak, his hand strength has weakened. Many cannibals are overjoyed.
It’s worth it. They are already moved, so they say again, "Actually, we don’t have any big enmity. It’s not good for everyone to go like this. Do you think?"
After that, I ran away to the distance again, and this time, the tiger reflected on the moon twice didn’t even intend to chase it. Seeing this scene, Gao Chen was furious. What happened to this tower? I didn’t chase it. The female tiger roared in her ear, "You are afraid that he will do something if I can kill him. Don’t do it quickly!"
And Gao Chen, before this roar, of course, a trapped spell hit the man-eating beast. If you really let him run away, although you can chase him and kill him, but in this way, your plan is not going to fall. You were jumped at the man-eating beast like a roar from the tigress Gao Chen. Although you saw that the tiger reflected in February, you were willing to let yourself go, but your heart was afraid to confirm that you left an eye when you ran.
But when he just got up to run, he suddenly felt something hit him, and this thing appeared to imprison his body. This feeling is not the first time. Although it was just one second, the tigress had already rushed to herself. Suddenly, she was anxious and angry, but she was able to fight back against this man-eating beast. She just played hard.
Although the male tiger has the heart to forget it, how can he not act when he sees that the female tiger has launched an attack? He wants to come. It must be the female tiger, but the man-eater can’t do things. He didn’t expect that the source of all this was her height. A little person in their hearts also rushed to the man-eater, but now he is fighting hard, which hurts and hurts. Of course, it can hit the two-reflected-moon tiger from time to time, but his horse found something wrong in the battle. That is the kind of energy that appears from time to time and makes him pause as soon as it appears.
Although it’s just a second, I don’t know how many times I disturbed myself and attacked him. At this time, I was really scared. Did this mysterious power detoxify with them just now? Where did this mysterious power come from? Again and again, the trapped spell was thrown out, and even if the tigress was so slow, she felt something was wrong and asked in surprise, "Did you do this?" …
"Concentrate on fighting. This guy wants to run at any time!" Gao Chen’s cold mouth kept throwing out the trapped spell at the same time, which was very strange to the female tiger Gao Chen!
"Well, forget it. I don’t want to know yet!" The tigress grunted coldly, but it was even wilder to do it manually. She said she didn’t want to know, but if she really didn’t want to know, she wouldn’t ask. Now the tigress is fighting in anger!
"Ha ha, man-eating beast, why don’t you stop being arrogant? Don’t you want to kill tigers? Now you come to kill me!" Although I don’t know what the other side will have that short stay in the battle, the male tiger thinks it is good for him. Why does he care so much?
"You are looking for death. In this case, everyone will die together!" Man-eaters suddenly let out a mournful roar, and then saw him coming out of his mouth with clouds of poisonous fog.
Seeing this poisonous fog instantly, Gao Chen was furious, because the poisonous fog was actually composed of a personal sample. Their expressions could be clearly seen, and it seemed that they were suffering more than pain. Generally, Gao Chen looked intently and saw that these were not just a personal soul, but the man-eating beast spewed out souls. That’s a million, that is to say, the dead man-eating beast terrans were at least millions. How can Gao Chen not be angry when he saw this million kindred souls? For these Warcraft, this is a poisonous fog, but for Gao Chen, this is a million souls.
As soon as these poisonous fog appeared, it corroded everything he encountered, including! This toxicity is not comparable to the venom. This is not comparable. The female tiger is frightened and retreats, but suddenly she hears Gao Chen’s anger shouting, "What can you give me back? I can help you detoxify and kill him. Chapter 317 Terrorist warrior skills-day chop!
Read wen with me, ue learn lu building, remember!
Seeing the pain of these souls, Gao Chen wanted to kill the man-eater in his heart, and he simply wanted to dismember the man-eater into ten thousand pieces. But at this time, he was not suitable for himself. He could yell at the female tiger and let the man-eater be destroyed quickly. At this time, he wanted to let the man-eater go, but after the man-eater spewed out these poisonous fog, he seemed to be insane. Seeing that his attacks were no longer targeted like that, he became even crazier at this time. Male Tiger Claw was dyed by this poisonous fog and instantly became black and eroded. Tiger Claw was already necrotic and felt that his claws were broken.
"Okay, let’s go!" The female tiger is also a little scared, because at this time, the cannibalism is too crazy and the power of those poisonous fog is too strong. Even Gao Chen’s cure can’t be the shortest. Although Gao Chen still yelled in her ear at this time, "What are you afraid of? I can’t hurt you with this poison!"
However, the female tiger ignored Gao Chen’s words with the male tiger and turned and left. Although the man-eater also intended to intercept, this was his sanity, so he was not very awake. In this case, the two-reflected moon tiger was not an opponent, but it was much easier for them to go if they wanted to. Seeing that they were a man-eater who turned and slammed the attack, they went in the opposite direction, and the man-eater was not very sober, so that he chased out a few steps and then stopped in place!
There is no way to see them like this. It seems that they can rely on themselves. It’s a big move away from the female tiger and a tree next to the man-eating beast. See the map of two moon tigers running away. After that, the poisonous fog in front of the man-eating beast appears in Gao Chen, but it is composed of an individual soul. These poisonous fog are like ghosts in previous lives. They run at Gao Chen with their teeth bared, but Gao Chen’s 24-level energy shield makes them unable to get close to Gao Chen!
Seeing that the health value has dropped to 10%, the man-eating beast Gao Chen snorted and snorted. "God cut!"
Day chop is not the same skill as the 11th-order skill in the science of uniting the world. This skill game appeared earlier than broken Yue chop, but after the science of uniting the world, Gao Chen found that although it also appeared very early, it could not be started anyway. It was always gray until after the martial arts world, when the life value rose to a certain level, he felt that the day chop could be started. At this time, his body jumped up and really wanted to start broken Yue chop, but suddenly he was blessed and then directly started the day chop. At the same time, Gao Chen was frightened.
This is a warrior’s skill, but now Gao Chen’s magic value is a magician’s standard. After training, martial arts circles have even increased a lot, but they have all been instantly drawn. This happened before, but now a small day can actually drain their magic. How is it possible that not only Gao Chen feels that his body has changed a lot, but it seems that his physical quality has decreased a lot. This is a strange feeling, but it is more true. In fact, if Gao Chen looks at his own attributes at this time, he will find that the attributes of other departments have been instantly reduced for many days, and the chop has been successfully started. The weapon in Gao Chen’s hand has instantly grown into a giant blade the size of a kilometer. This giant blade is dazzling in white light, so Gao Chengen can’t see his appearance clearly, and then he sees that this white light covers the giant blade and instantly cuts the head of a man-eating beast! …
At this moment, he seems to have regained his sanity and encountered a great crisis. This is not really insane. This is due to the release of poisonous fog, that is, the Terran souls, which makes him instantly influenced by the thoughts in these souls, so that he has some insanity. After a while, he will regain his sanity, but when he sees that it is actually a huge light blade that poses a threat, he will regain some sanity in fear. Even if he regains some sanity, he will be able to let out a panic and scream, but after a huge roar, he will be beheaded by heaven.
After the day was cut, Gao Chen heard the unified rising sound, which is what killed the tenth-order Warcraft cannibal, how much experience he got and what equipment he had!
After killing the man-eating beasts, the floating human souls suddenly seemed to regain their sanity, and then floated to Gao Chen’s side one by one, and everyone looked at themselves with gratitude. At this time, Gao Chen’s map saw two red dots rushing to this side, which should be attracted by his own day and then ran back to Yingyuehu and his wife! Gao Chen was busy giving these souls a kind thought and then putting them in the shop!
When Gao Chen put these soul departments into the shop, the moon tiger appeared in front of Gao Chen. To be precise, there was a man-eating beast corpse. Because they didn’t seem to see it at all, Gao Chen looked at the man-eating beast corpse that was cut into two parts. The male tiger trembled and said, "What on earth is that white light that actually cut the man-eating beast into two parts? What kind of attack is this? Is it a god’s shot!"
"I don’t know if it should be a shrine. If it is a shrine, there shouldn’t be so much movement. We’d better go. This place is really weird!" The tigress is a little uneasy. When she faced her two opponents who had just beaten herself to death, she was instantly cut into two parts, and it was that kind of vitality that involuntarily raised some feelings of fear and anxiety!