"Monster?" Zhang Zhongxuan gently read aloud a way


The old man selling vegetables smiled and said, "Don’t believe it. There are monsters in this world. One night, I was in a hurry, so I got up to pee. But I saw a small monster flying through it with several babies. Guye Town turned out to be a big town comparable to a small town, but most of these monsters were scared and left, leaving us old undead. You see, I’m selling vegetables here now, but it’s just a change of rations with everyone."
"Really?" Zhang Zhongxuan got up and looked into the distance, only to see that there was a demon in the distant mountain, and his eyes flashed a flicker.
Next to the old man, he felt a murderous look suffocating him. He was sitting on a pole, and his body was unstable and he fell to the ground.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked back and saw that the old man fell to the ground and knew that he was harmed by his own momentum. He quickly helped up the old man’s heart and felt guilty. He secretly realized that the old man felt a soft body and the whole person became much stronger. Even the foot rheumatism was cured.
Zhang Zhongxuan thanked the old man and slowly paced away in the distant mountains.
After a while, I was about to step out of Guye Town, and then I groaned in pain, and then I came out with a child’s voice. "I told you to go to the mountains to collect medicine, and I told you to go there." Although he blamed the majority, he didn’t mean it.
Another extremely painful voice said, "You and I want to, but don’t go to collect medicine and watch you die of fever."
Cough another sound and cough a weak voice. "If you die, you will die. That’s me too, but now you are bitten by a poisonous snake, it’s two people."
Another voice laughed. "It’s better to be afraid of dead brothers dying together than to die alone. If you die, won’t I be alone?" So it’s better for me that the two brothers are doomed to be inseparable. "
Zhang Zhongxuan found the sound and walked to an abandoned manor overgrown with weeds. Most of the buildings in the manor had been ruined and collapsed because of years of disrepair, wind, rain, ants and moths. There was a small stone house with a corner pierced by a hole, and the roof of the tile was sealed with wooden boards, and the two people who talked were barely able to live in it.
Two people obviously also found that Zhang Chongxuan was looking at him when he arrived.
Zhang Chongxuan didn’t care. They walked into the room and took a look at them. They were both thirteen or four years old. Both of them were emaciated and childlike, with no water in their faces. Obviously, they often went hungry. One of them was pale and exhaled heavily. Obviously, it was the man with a high fever. The other one had a wound on his foot that was bitten by a snake. There was blood in the wound. Obviously, the snake venom on his foot had spread to his body. Obviously, it was not far from death.
"Who are you?" The child bitten by a snake shouted at Zhang Chongxuan.
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and didn’t answer them. "How can you two be in Guye Town?"
The child with a high fever heard Zhang Zhongxuan say, "We both wandered here and stopped here because I had a high fever."
"Ah Xuan", the child bitten by a snake, stopped the tall child and said to Zhang Zhongxuan, "We are in Guye Town, and we can go wherever we like."
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed and said, "Small and proud."
The child with a high fever tugged at the child bitten by a snake and said, "Ah Chong, I don’t think he is a bad person either. Don’t be so hard on him."
Zhang Zhongxuan nodded and said, "Of course I’m not a bad person." Then he took a step forward and took his hand in front of the child with a high fever and asked, "What’s your name, little brother?"
"Chu Xuan" The child with a high fever stared at Zhang Chongxuan and answered honestly. Just after he finished speaking, he saw a mysterious blue airflow flowing out of Zhang Chongxuan’s hand and immediately felt a sense of comfort. He was plagued by high fever for many days and he felt refreshed.
The child who was bitten by a snake saw that Chu Xuan’s hand was caught by Zhang Zhongxuan, and he was in a hurry and shouted, "What are you doing?" Struggling to get up, it’s a pity that his body failed to exert strength at the snake venom root and fell to the ground. His lips clenched and his face showed a surprise and he struggled to get up, but he fell down after climbing several times.
Zhang Chongxuan came to help Chu Xuan cure a high fever, but as soon as Zhen Yuan entered Chu Xuan’s body, Zhang Chongxuan felt that his physical qualifications were assimilated to his input of Zhen Yuan, so he conveniently helped Chu Xuan get through the strange meridians. This was a good intention to be bitten by a snake and the child did not know it.
When Zhang Zhongxuan got through the strange meridians of Chu Xuanti, the child bitten by a snake was already up. Although his legs were shaking, his eyes were staring at Zhang Zhongxuan closely, which seemed as fierce and cold as a hungry wolf’s eyes.
A child bitten by a snake is about to fall down when his body is unstable. His right hand is pressed against the ground to prevent himself from falling down. At this moment, Chu Xuan walked beside him and helped him up. "Ah Chong, I’m fine. This gentleman was treating me just now. Look, I don’t have a high fever now."
The child, whom Chu Xuan called a heavy place, looked at Chu Xuan and saw that his breath was dozens of times better than before. Even the face without nutrition became ruddy, and a smile appeared in his eyes. "Is it true?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Chuxuan nodded his head.
Zhang Zhongxuan naturally sees everything in his eyes. It’s quite deep to say, "If you don’t want to die, let me help you look at the poison."
Hearing Zhang Chongxuan’s words, Chu Xuancai came to his senses and said to Zhang Chongxuan, "Sir, help me look at Ah Chong."
Ah Chong looked at Zhang Chongxuan and looked at him. His eyes turned red and he dared not look at Zhang Chongxuan. He turned away and said, "Ah Xuan, don’t beg him to die."
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and knew that this little thing would not face Chuxuan’s way, "You hold him and sit down."
Chu Xuan quickly helped the child bitten by poison to the ground. Zhang Zhongxuan squatted and looked at the wound and said, "Are you afraid of pain?"
The child bitten by a snake proudly said "not afraid"
Zhang Chongxuan Lang said, "Well, you’re ready. I’ll help you get rid of the poison." Zhang Chongxuan said with his right hand, and a piece of it immediately ignited a fire in his palm. Zhang Chongxuan burned the fire to the wound. In fact, Zhang Chongxuan’s ability to remove snake venom is naturally true, but the snake venom in the child bitten by a snake has been scattered to strange meridians for too long. This is not a problem. The key is that the poison is in the child’s wound. There is actually a chronic corrosion that can rot the meat bit by bit. This Zhang Chongxuan can’t really remove it.
“ ` ` w w w
When the child was bitten by a snake, he felt a huge pain coming from the wound, which made his heart ache, but he didn’t call his face blue. Although it burst, he still bit his lip tightly and bright red blood flowed from his lips. His hands clung to the ground and even his fingers were bloody, and he clung to it.
Aside ChuXuan saw a child bitten by a snake with a face of pain and a face of worry. "Ah Chong will hold on for a while."
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the child bitten by a snake and nodded his head. Although this small pride is not done, it is from his bottom. Compared with the iron heart belief, this child is another feature. Zhang Zhongxuan shortened the pain of being bitten by a snake, and the fire suddenly became more prosperous.
This fire is still a virtual fire. It is urged by Zhang Zhongxuan’s mind. There is a certain difference between it and the real fire. If it is a real fire, I am afraid that it was bitten by a snake and the child’s leg would have been burned to ashes. The virtual fire is aimed at the child’s wound meat. The erosion and pain are there, but it is harmful to the leg.
Uh, the snake bit the child’s throat and snorted. The whole person leaned forward and tilted his face. His eyes almost popped out and his lips bled more.
Zhang Chongxuan’s hands faded and stood up, saying, "Well, it doesn’t matter." Just now, when he got up, he removed the snake venom that was bitten by the snake to the child. Although the snake venom has been distributed to the child, the average person can definitely say that he is dead, but for Zhang Chongxuan, it is naturally a breeze.

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