It’s not that he doesn’t have this ability, but that the other person is a light Romanian and a small person.


There is no need for him to vigorously cultivate such a person and send him all the way to light Luo country to enter Yue Zhuofan’s side.
Who can this person be?
Besides Yue Zhuofan, who else in this world can dominate the life and death of the white tiger?
be still unable to solve a problem after long pondering
Good chaos
Shake your head at night and let yourself stop thinking.
Right and wrong, who knows the truth?
Although Yue Zhuofan’s death in vain is not worth it, she doesn’t want to cause any disputes with herself, so it’s better not to get involved.
As Qiao Dai said, neon spirit was completely cleared of suspicion.
That’s good
It’s the wedding. What’s the matter?
The thought of the wedding night makes my head grow bigger.
Although Phoenix Shadow Ink repeatedly stressed yesterday that there was nothing he could do about the king’s decision
But she really thinks that if he doesn’t directly refuse to marry her according to his ability, he will definitely say that she will give up voluntarily.
But he didn’t.
This has to make her suspect that he is interested in marrying neon spirit.
Because of the reason, of course, she knows that it is not because neon spirit looks like phoenix shadow ink, and he is not there.
But what is the reason? she does not know
It is because I don’t know what is terrible.
And even heart-to-heart lover Shen Yan snow regardless of the visible eye is by no means ordinary.
How can she let Ni Ling marry such a person?
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Yingyue Building is the tallest building in the palace.
It is said that the founding emperor of Houyou found a favorite princess and built it in Yingyue Building, overlooking the prosperity and prosperity of Jingshi outside the palace.
Emperor Mo Qianyu will come here alone for a while every evening.
No one knows why.
Some people say that they appreciate their great rivers and mountains, some say that they are meditating on national affairs, and some say that they are remembering someone.
None of these three guesses makes sense.
The first picturesque, high above the crowd should be that every emperor likes to do things;
This second person who cares about the country and the people needs to think about what ordinary people can’t think of every day. Being alone can really make people get rid of impetuousness, calmness and sensitivity.
There is also a third person who guesses a thing or two based on the oath made by the emperor when he ascended the throne.
More than a year ago, the first emperor died, and the new emperor ascended the throne. On that day, the new emperor swore that he would give himself three years of hard work and dictatorship, not to mention the other three years. He wanted to reform taxes for three years, and he wanted to prevent himself from being distracted by drugs. For three years, the harem did not accept a concubine and a concubine.
Afterwards, someone secretly analyzed his oath
When he ascended the throne, the situation was grim. The former emperor had many brave and skillful warriors, and the former emperor put the emperor in his place, blocking everyone’s mouth and convincing all the ministers that he had to swear this oath and had to be the shortest.
Make some achievements for everyone to see
In addition, it may be that someone in his heart will be in the harem for three years. Who is this person and whether he is now in it is not known.
In winter, dusk is short, and the sun sets in the blink of an eye.
It’s getting dark, it’s hard to pick up the steps from the foot pain, and finally I see the figure standing in front of the guardrail with a negative hand.
The night was silent for a moment, just wanting to salute. She suddenly turned around and the yellow sleeve brought out a sharp wind. "Where is the little eunuch?"
Suddenly, the Li Feng swept away from the original ankle of the leg at night, and it was not good enough to stand it, so he immediately fell to his knees with a soft foot.
The afterglow of the sunset hit his face at night through his back.
Mo Qianyu recognized her eyes. "Why are you dressed like this?"
The bluestone ground hurt my knee and frowned at night, saying, "It’s convenient."
It is indeed convenient for everyone in the palace to know her at night, and she doesn’t want people to know that she came to the emperor, especially for the queen mother to think much.
Few people can recognize the eunuch when she wears her eunuch hat and walks in the palace.
"You finally came to see me."
Night from the eyes a slight quiver "finally" the word can’t help but look up at him.
Today, he still wears a dragon robe and wears a crown of jade, and his hair hangs lightly behind his head. The chest and sleeves of the yellow dragon robe are embroidered with golden silk and silver thread of the dragon, which sparkles and stings people’s eyes.
He held her on his knees, and she felt the momentum forcing her.
She dropped her eyes briefly and said directly that "the night left this time to ask the emperor one thing."
"Want me to cancel the night spirit’s marriage with Phoenix Shadow Ink?"
I didn’t expect him to be more direct than her.
It’s good to have something to say.
Nodding, she replied, "It’s a plea to Huang Cheng!"
"What? Who is it? "
The night is slightly frowning from the eyebrows, which was just so direct, and now it’s like this.
"Leaving into the night, leaving into the night, leaving the heart of not wanting to marry a younger sister", every word of the night is guaranteed.
A chuckle rang overhead at night, and I just wanted to lift my eyes to look at my jaw. A thousand feathers have bent over and lifted her with one hand, forcing them to look at each other.
The four eyes are opposite, maybe it’s backlight, and she can’t see a glimmer of light in the two mysterious black eyes of his phoenix.
"You don’t want to marry a younger sister? Still don’t want to marry my sister to Feng Yingmo? "
"I don’t want to marry my sister to Feng Ying Mo." Although it is difficult to talk with my jaw held, I am not afraid to look at his eyes at night.
"This is the point!" Devoted to thousands of feather hand suddenly a loose night away from the face was left to one side.
"Jun joked that the golden mouth came to recover the truth?" Devoted to thousands of feathers turned my back to squint at the distant sound of Beijing.
"It’s not ugly if you want to justify yourself when you say everything from your mouth." I am offline at night.
"No!" Mo Qianyu turned to face her. "I don’t want to!"
At night, I looked at him with a light shadow on his back, and his face was hidden in the shadow, but I couldn’t see his face expression. At night, I felt that the figure seemed far away.
Now that it’s time to talk about this.