The secret box is the largest front box of this box, which occupies the whole bottom.


Ji Dong opened the lid of the box for a moment, and when he saw what was inside, the whole person was shocked and trembled involuntarily.
Guess what’s in this box? Hey hey Chapter six hundred and sixteen Return to the temple dark cat.
Ji Dong hit the biggest box in the box looted from the dark temple, and the whole person was shocked at that moment. No wonder he was so shocked. If others had changed, everyone would have been better, but it was because he was the one who hit the box that he was even more shocked.
What is placed in that box is not magic weapons, gems or jade. It can be said that the things inside are of no practical value to the magic master, but they are hard to find in Ji Dong’s eyes.
This box is filled with wine, a total of more than a dozen bottles, each of which looks quaint in style. Although there is no trace of wine released, Ji Dong can clearly feel that these bottles are not all filled with wine.
Yes! The dark secrets of the past dynasties will not want these wines even if they are greedy. For them, it is not good at all, so they just stay.
Cat also froze MoEr is not looking at Ji Dong eyes, she had never seen the tension, excitement and uncontrollable excitement, even in the face of the dark temple when the strong won, he didn’t like this gaffe! Isn’t this just a few bottles of wine?
Ji Dong carefully took out the bottles of mainland wine that belonged to the dark five elements from the box, just like holding the most precious thing in the sky, and released a magic power. Even Mo Er and the cat were isolated from him, and his heart kept beating. If it was as you think, then …
When he took all the wine out of the box, he quickly took out a small book from Suzaku bracelet. How could he not know what Ji Dong was doing by carefully comparing it with Moer? He gently pulls MoEr shook his head to her and motioned for her not to ask this time. Ji Dong obviously didn’t want to be disturbed.
In a short time, Ji Dong selected three bottles from the dozen bottles of wine. When he looked up again, Mo Er was surprised. At this time, Ji Dong was already in tears and carefully picked up the three bottles of wine. It was like a fool sitting there.
Moer looked up at the cat. "Uncle Cloud Monster, what’s going on?"
Let’s leave him alone. I’m luckier than him. At least I was taken care of by my sister when I was a child, but Ji Dong has never seen his real parents. If I were you, I’m afraid I would have collapsed. His story is much more exciting than mine.
The cat was pulling MoEr away, but Ji Dong didn’t even know that he was holding those three bottles of wine silently, and this person was crazy.
It was he who got the result he most hoped for, and found the list of famous wines from the dozen bottles, and the last three bottles of wine, that is to say, except for the three bottles that have come to pay homage to the flame, the other seven bottles have already got the top ten famous wines.
Flames. Flames, you know? I’ve found all the top ten famous wines you want, and I’ll have no regrets when I come to see you.
Ji Dong brought back thousands of crystal crowns, which was the first time they entered the dark temple. This time, they brought back hundreds of crystal crowns, which made the heavenly saints absorb enough for more than ten days.
When Chen Sixuan knew that Ji Dong had found the last three bottles of the top ten famous wines, she couldn’t help but feel mixed feelings. She had a bad feeling. From the bottom of her heart, she would never want Ji Dong to find all these ten bottles of wine. In that case, he still had something in his heart.
The only thing that makes her feel a little comforted is that Ji Dong seems to have not changed, but has grown a lot, talking and laughing when chatting with her friends, and seems to have returned to the Ji Dong before the flame died
"Everyone stops" Ji Dong wakes up all the people in the practice respectively. At this time, everyone has been practicing for three days.
The heavenly saints woke up from the state of cultivation and looked at Ji Dong respectively.
Ji Dong glanced at the direction of the dark temple. "According to the time calculation, the dark cat must have returned to the dark temple. Frankly speaking, I really want to see his expression at that time."
After hearing what he said, the saints couldn’t help laughing. Yeah! Seeing the dark temple become like that, the dark cat will look good. I’m afraid he has never experienced such depression since he inherited the position of the dark cat
Ji Dong went on to say, "But now we have to leave the dark cat, and we will find ways to find us after we are furious."
Moer, we’re going to meet you against the secret alliance. Our initial goal has been achieved. It will be a long tug-of-war. Your alliance information is important to us. "
Moer clever nodded and said, "Good brother Ji Dong."
After the cat told her the story of Ji Dong that day, Moer, the little girl, was moved to cry for half a day. Only then did she know that Ji Dong had experienced so many red-violet skyfires that shocked her, and Ji Dong and the flame love made her even more moved. From that day on, she no longer called uncle Ji Dong the monster, but cleverly said that Ji Dong’s brother’s attitude towards Ji Dong directly came to a 100-degree turn.
Anyway, it’s too close to the dark temple. If the dark cat deliberately looks for them, it will catch the holy peak soul force and scan it. There will always be some clues. Ji Dong doesn’t want them to stay here and be found by the dark cat.
Moer took out Ji Dong’s map of the dark continent and pointed out the location of the contact place. The Great Yan Flame Dragon was still released. Ji Dong, Chen Sixuan and the cat jointly released the same holy series peak soul force to cover a group of heavenly saints. Only then did they go towards their destination, and there was enough powerful holy level peak soul force to cover them. Even if the dark cat soul force scanned them, it would be difficult for the dark cat to present them if it was not close to a certain extent.
As Ji Dong said, the dark cat has returned to the dark temple.
Dark temple castle
The dark cat’s face, which looks very young on the surface, has been somewhat distorted at this time. Reddy Frey said nothing behind him, and his face was calm, and he couldn’t see the mood fluctuation. In the dark day, in front of the fuselage, there was a silent purple robe high priest, and the forbidden room next to him was completely open at this time, revealing the inside.
"Good, you are very good." The dark cat almost squeezed this sentence through his teeth. Every purple high priest knows that the anger in the adult’s heart has risen to the limit.
"In just ten days, people sneaked into the temple twice and killed one thousand people. What can you do with this group of waste? There are ten of them, only ten of them. What about you? Ten big statue of the strong ten thousand magic division even connected to ten people couldn’t stay. The situation of the dark chaotic defense array also made them escape, and even the soul-searching array was broken. Even my forbidden room was looted. It’s very kind of you. "
The highest room in this dark castle is filled with a sense of depression. The famous purple high priest is under the pressure of the dark cat’s earth. One by one, his face is pale and he can’t even say the truth. At this time, the facts are presented in front of him, and the excuses are pale, including two purple high priests. As many dark magic teachers have fallen, the dark temple castle has been broken twice, and the forbidden room of the dark cat has been ransacked. I’m afraid no one can stand it.
The dark cat’s eyes finally solidified, and the high priest’s face was sharp and murderous. The tribe’s 90-level statue of the strong body was so strong that the dark magician also dared not take any action in the face of the dark cat’s anger. He knew that he was finished with the dark cat and might not kill them all, but someone had to take responsibility, otherwise the dark cat’s anger would melt away.
The dark cat’s right hand slowly raised, and the whole hand was covered with a harsh golden light, and the sharp breath made a series of puffs appear in the air.
"Wait for mercy." Just as all the purple high priests were seated, when the high priest was about to finish, a loud sound suddenly sounded.
Who dares to intervene in such a furious situation? It is impossible for the purple high priests to have anything in their hearts. They consciously raised their heads and looked at the tribe in the direction of sounding out.
When the dark cat came back with Frey, he learned about the damage done by the saints to the dark temple, and then he was furious and gathered a group of purple high priests here. He didn’t tell them who Frey was. People thought that this young man was not low in cultivation, but they were more worried about their own safety and didn’t observe it carefully.
There is no difference between Frey and what he looked like before, but he is more calm. With the help of the dark secret, his magic has reached a breakthrough, and he has become a prehistoric example.
What surprised the purple-robed high priests even more was that with Fury’s words, the dark cat had been lifted to prepare to shoot at the table, and the high priest’s hand actually stopped, and the magic of the earth also dispersed and looked back at Fury. Although his anger did not weaken at all, it was obvious that he did not turn this anger to Fury.
A group of purple-robed high priests couldn’t help but be surprised. Do they still know the secret? Even Li Yonghao, the ultimate weapon of the dark saints, dare not interrupt when the dark cat is in full anger!
But Frey’s words surprised these purple high priests even more.
"Father, can you listen to me?" Freichan said
Father? This young man, who looks about thirty, turned out to be a cat’s paw. The purple-robed high priests forgot their fear at this moment. Looking at Fury, they have never heard that their cat has offspring! I’ve never heard of the dark secret and women. Is it because they appear here?
"You said" the dark cat cold way
Frey said, "Although the temple suffered heavy losses this time, you can’t blame the purple high priests. In a sense, this is also our fault. After all, we failed to stop the invasion of the saints. It was not until the temple was attacked that I realized that they had immersed in our dark continent. I know that my little teacher younger brother is so blessed that even the goddess of fire can love him. I can imagine how excellent he is. I sometimes feel numb according to several purple high priests. He should be different now. As far as I know, his Vulcan sword was not as powerful as it is now. What adventure is there? Father, it is urgent to find them. Even if there are mistakes, it is not to punish them. It is interpersonal! "