Ling Feiyang’s twenty palms have been finished, but the roots have not hurt Yuanlaichao, but the wind has fallen!


"Ling Feiyang, my palm can kill you, but I didn’t do it. Do you know what it is?" Yuanlaichao suddenly asked Ling Feiyang
Ling Feiyang wants to speak, but his chest is full of qi and blood, but Lai Chao has already added, "You are good at martial arts and I admire you very much! My right-hand men Fujita Shibei and Chiba Changyin were both defeated by you. If you are willing to take refuge in me, I will spare your life if I work for you! "
"Do you still want to get back on your feet?" Ling Feiyang has been breathing and then asked Yuan Laichao
"Yes, your martial arts and ingenuity are far better than Fujita Shibingwei and Chiba Changyin. If you and I join hands, we will not be able to worry about big things!"
"Damn it, you will die!" Ling Feiyang suddenly said coldly
Yuan Laichao’s face changed slightly and said with some regret, "In that case, go to hell!"
Six-pulse Excalibur Less Shang Jian! Yuan laichao’s voice did not fall. Ling Feiyang refers to the wind that has hit!
"Your fingering is also very severe! But it is far worse than me! " Yuanlaichao suddenly stretched out his right index finger to meet Ling Feiyang and pointed to the wind!
As soon as the two stock indexes touched Ling Feiyang, they immediately felt that the six-pulse Excalibur was actually shot back by the force!
Shaoshang Sword is the most powerful sword among the six-pulse Excalibur, but now instead of defeating the enemy, it has attacked Ling Feiyang himself!
See this refers to the wind is about to stab ling flying chest ling flying body suddenly spin up!
Spiral nine shadows!
Refers to the wind against Ling Feiyang’s body. Although it failed to directly hit Ling Feiyang, it still broke the congenital gang generated by the spiral nine shadows!
Ling Feiyang’s figure fell to the ground and immediately felt that his breath was not smooth and he was injured!
"Hey, you’re not dead yet?" Yuanlaichao cast a strange glance at Ling Feiyang and then strode towards him!
"Yuanlai Chaoxiu is crazy!" With a furious rebuke, two middle-aged men with almost the same appearance each held a serrated knife in their hands and attacked Yuanlaichao! It is "Huashan Shuangxia" Yue Tianxiong and Yue Tianying!
"Sword array!" Three firm but gentle cut long from three directions to the source Lai Chao stabbed! The "Three Talented Swordsmen" of Qingcheng School have already made moves!
"Song people will bully more and less, so let’s get together!" Yuanlaichao sneered and suddenly pulled out a sword from his robe!
This sword is two dimensions long, and its blade looks like a calamus blade. The handle is thick and protruding like a fish’s spine. It is one of the top ten blades in Fusang-Kusanagi Sword!
In Fusang’s story, the monster, the serpent, caused floods everywhere, and was killed by Su Zhan Ming Zun, the god of chaos, and took this sword out of the snake’s tail. This sword, which is a symbol of the national bushido spirit, was collected by emperors in past dynasties. Because Masahito was taken hostage by the shogunate, this sword fell into the hands of Yuanlaichao.
Because this sword is chilly, the water vapor around it condenses into water droplets, and a white fog will form around Lai Chao’s body!
See Huashan Shuangxia and Sancai swordsman attack at the same time with five weapons, and Yuanlaichao suddenly splits out a sword!
Smoke felt a flash of sword light in front of me, and then I felt my head leave the trunk! There is no other feeling behind because he is dead!
At the same time, the other four spears have touched Yuanlaichao’s body. However, a force immediately bounced these spears out, and four people backed out for several steps at the same time to barely stabilize their bodies!
"Little brother!" Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture roar loud rushed forward again! Although Sancai Sword Array has been put to good use, he still wants to fight to the death!
However, a figure is faster than his posture, and he has already grabbed in front of him and pointed to Yuanlai Chao!
Six pulse Excalibur in the sword!
In order to save the life of Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture, Ling Feiyang has been injured, but it is still rushed!
"I see how long you can fight!" Genlaichao’s cold hum doesn’t dodge this finger at the same time, but directly drafts a sword to meet the wind and split it in the past!
Ps: Ghost Warrior Yuan Laichao released wild words to kill all 130 masters of Song State! Ling Feiyang used twenty palms in succession, but the law was completely shaken by Yuanlaichao! Ling Feiyang refused Yuanlaichao’s surrender to Song Guo’s master, and Yuanlaichao’s exhibition ended in a bloody battle! Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 349 One hundred masters do or die
Fujita’s ten soldiers defend the speed of cutting out a knife in the wind, which is called the first in the world! But Yuan Laichao’s sword speed seems to be faster than Fujita’s ten soldiers!
This knife split from the middle of the wind and split the true qi in two!
Ling Feiyang’s true qi has been split by this sword, but Kusanagi’s sword continues to cut to Ling Feiyang’s head!
At this critical moment, a short arrow blass from the side and goes straight to Yuanlaichao’s left eye!
Tang Zhiqiu is sad and broken!
Although Yuanlaichao is invulnerable, his eyes are the most vulnerable place. He quickly turned the blade and blocked it with a short arrow!
Lohan and dragon!
Ling Feiyang immediately used the last palm of the dragon’s 20 palms to shoot Yuanlaichao out!
Yuanlaichao sneer at a palm to meet the past!
With an earth-shattering noise, Yuanlaichao remained motionless and Ling Feiyang flew out again!
This second time, the palm source Lai Chao was no longer merciful. Ling Feiyang was hit and flew out of six or seven feet and fell heavily to the ground!
One mouthful blood oozed from Ling Feiyang’s mouth. Ling Feiyang immediately knew that he had been seriously injured and struggled to stand up straight, but he was unstable and fell down!
Seeing the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture and the smoke coming from both sides, Yuanlaichao’s sword was obliquely split out and the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture was split in two!