What do you think this is all about?


It seems that Chang Sheng is very relaxed when he is asked casually in the face of the other party. Now he is a confident and wealthy person. There is no need to be so nervous and unconfident as a recent college graduate.
"High-level training of courage and confidence and, of course, love of football," replied Chang Sheng superciliously.
In fact, this question is not important at all. Just keep winning and don’t answer too far.
Oti was satisfied with the winning answer. He nodded and stopped asking him questions about Hertha.
No matter how he did it, he did it.
"I’d like to ask Mr. Chang what do you think of Valencia’s performance this season?"
Changsheng was refreshed when he heard this question.
He knew the topic was coming.
So he thought it over and replied, "shit."
Kate Gracie was drinking water when she heard this sentence, poof-poof spit out the water that had not come to her mouth and choked herself, covering her mouth and coughing hard, and her face turned red.
Pitarch and Oti were surprised to see Changsheng dumbfounded.
No one expected Changsheng to give such an answer.
"I’m sorry I’m a little vulgar, but it’s the truth. Truth is often not very nice. I think you want to hear the truth, Mr. Chairman, but it’s not nice?" Changsheng said
Oti leng leng then smiled and shook his head and said, "You really are as personality as you say, Mr. Chang."
Always win hey hey smile "I’m flattered, I’m flattered"
"So what makes you think Valencia’s grades are shit?" Oti continued to ask
"It seems beautiful to be in the Champions League final for two years in a row, but I think former head coach Cooper has exhausted the team’s potential and enthusiasm in this competition department, but he can’t win the championship twice in a row, which is a great blow to the team’s morale." Chang Sheng told Oti that his analysis was actually summed up by later online fans. He just made a slight adjustment and said it in a way that was convenient for people in the game.
"It can be seen from the league rankings of the teams in the season that Valencia lost to Barcelona in the final round and lost the qualification to participate in the Champions League. Every year, they spend a lot of money to buy stars, hoping to make breakthroughs on all fronts. For the club, the season results are really shit."
Pitarch was a little dissatisfied when he heard Chang Sheng bite a piece of shit. He asked, "The runner-up in the Champions League and the fifth place in the league are shit in Mr. Chang’s eyes, so can you do better?"
Changsheng smiled "Champion" at the disgruntled pitarch.
Pitarch didn’t react. "What?"
Chang Sheng said, "I said that if I were to coach the team, I would lead the team to win the league championship."
Kate Gracie turned her head and looked at Chang Sheng. He learned his lesson this time. He didn’t drink water, which proved that he was right. Otherwise, he must have spit out another mouthful of water.
Oti was dumbfounded for the second time, but pitarch was a little angry. He thought winning was a pastime and he was teasing him, so he said in a bad tone, "This joke is not funny, Mr. Chang."
Changsheng shrugged. "Why should I joke with you, Mr. Garcia pitarch?"
"Of course I think you are joking, Mr. Chang. Do you know that Valencia has not won the league title for many years? The first time we won the league championship was in the 1971 season. "pitarch now feels that he has no consciousness of winning a candidate. First, he insulted Valencia’s performance and said that it was" shit ".Now he says that he can win the league championship by leading the team … This is really a big joke!
Can such a frivolous person really be our Valencia head coach?
"But I know you haven’t won the league title for 30 years, but what does this tell me? No one has been able to do this in the past 30 years, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t. When I debuted in Hertha, many people doubted that I thought I couldn’t lead the team to avoid relegation. What happened? They don’t believe I can lead the team to upgrade. What happened? They don’t even believe that I can lead the team to the second division championship. What happened? In the end, they didn’t believe that I could beat Aragons Mallorca to win the King’s Cup. What about it? " Ever-victorious staring at pitarch continuous rhetorical question.
He seems so confident that even Kate Gracie doesn’t know why he is so confident.
Of course, Chang Sheng has confidence, because he knows that Benitez coached Valencia and won the league championship in the following season, and he knows his tactics and the reason for his success. The most important thing is that he has the help of the system. With the help of the system, he can make Hertha replace Benitez Terry to be promoted to the first division, and also replace Seville to win the league championship and beat Mallorca to win the King’s Cup.
He can do this in a team like Getafe. Why can’t he believe it in Valencia, which is stronger?
Always winning and confident.
A successful season in the past gave him poor confidence.
Pitarch was speechless with constant rhetorical questions.
Yes, this China man’s grades are there for everyone to see, and he is really eloquent.
"But the first division is not Mr. Chang of the second division" or Mr. Oti, the chairman of his company, relieved him.
Oti looked at Changsheng with great interest after asking, expecting his answer.
"So if I want to be the head coach of Valencia, I need to transfer. I bought players in Hertha and they performed. I think you should also know that if you don’t transfer me, I’m sorry for my ability."
Chang Sheng said his greatest demand, which is his bottom line. If a club doesn’t transfer itself, its coaching performance will definitely be discounted because he is a traveler. The biggest golden finger is to predict the future and buy some players who are not yet famous but have become famous. They can improve the team’s strength.
If there is no transfer who is responsible for training and leading the team to direct the game like a typical Spanish coach, it is always better to not be the head coach.
It makes no sense to him.
Oti and pitarch glances.
They know about Chang Sheng, and know that Chang Sheng did something in Getafe. The most famous thing is that he stole the transfer from Hertha general manager Moscow, and he finalized the transfer of Hertha season.
I have to say that this China person has a good eye.
None of the players he bought from all over the world played badly this season.
Before Senna came to Getafe, no one knew who he was, but he was the core of the attack and defense transformation of Hertha’s main midfield.
Before coming to Hertha, Charles was a substitute in Aris. Now he is the top scorer in Spanish football second division, scoring 29 goals in one season.
Mista is a marginal figure in Terry. Is he the team’s second striker or the King’s Cup Golden Boot in Getafe?
Luis garcia didn’t play well in Barcelona, Balado Lide and Toledo, but his future was gloomy but he became the core of attack in Hertha.
Yaya toure’s winning streak brought a kid back from the African continent to replace Harvey Jimes in the second half of the league and successfully became the main force of the team. The defensive midfielder performed very well and his physical fitness was enviable.
Balzaretti, a child who was loaned from Turin, Italy, was only 19 years old. He couldn’t even play in Turin, but he was the second assistant in the second division after luis garcia.
These six people were brought by himself from other teams, and their performance in Getafe was seen by everyone.
It is not incomprehensible to ask for a big transfer.
However, this is not in line with the Spanish football system after all.
If you want to ask Changsheng to coach, will you give it or not?
Winning to see each other silent also don’t try so hard to end up drinking a mouthful of coffee cup and then wait for each other to ask.
Oti thought about it for a long time and then said, "I’m afraid I’m going to let you down. Mr. Chang, Valencia didn’t break into the Champions League last season. I don’t intend to invest too much money in the transfer market because we don’t have the qualification for the Champions League and we won’t have much income."
What he means is that we don’t have much money to invest in the transfer market, even if you have a transfer, I’m afraid not.
Chang Sheng looked very calm, with a look of "I knew it". He nodded, "There’s nothing to sell some players so that he can have money."
He raised his own transfer funds by selling players in Hertha, and now he seems to have a lot of experience in saying this.
In fact, he knew that Valencia would shrink its monetary policy this season. On the one hand, it invested heavily in previous seasons, but failed to win the championship, which made the club’s top management have some doubts about this big-spending business strategy. On the other hand, as Oti said, the team did not reach the Champions League this season, so the team naturally would not increase its investment in the transfer market.
Pitarch was once again surprised by the winning words.
Valencia’s season formation can be said to be very strong. If you follow this formation, you may not win the league title, but there should be no problem in qualifying for the Champions League, right?
As a result, this constant winner will sell people with one mouth …
Isn’t that a little bold?