Candlelight mist fills the air.


Bell neon spirit sat in the bath tub with her knees folded, leaning her head back slightly and leaning against the edge of the bath tub. A bath tub full of water just flooded her shoulders.
The water is very hot and steaming.
However, she doesn’t feel that she usually sits still in it, and her face has not become ruddy and has been as white as paper.
What happened at night was like a dream, and she forgot how she got back to Jiefang.
She remembers men’s crazy bloodthirsty eyes.
She was really scared.
Especially when he put her on the case and tore her clothes with a few big hands, she couldn’t escape this robbery.
So she simply gave up her resistance.
If I can exchange this for my sister’s peace, if I can exchange this for everyone’s peace, she will admit it.
Did she really recognize the blood stain on her face and come here?
It’s almost midnight before I wake up, and it’s already bright at night.
Consciousness looks at the low couch for the first time
But last night, they finally reached an agreement to sleep in their own rooms. Later, they worried that there were many eyes and ears in the house, so they had to live in the same room, but one person slept in the bed and the other slept in the low couch.
No one on the low couch left at night and turned his eyes to look into the house, but he suddenly bounced and became lonely.
It’s already so late.
Always a light sleeper. How did she sleep so dead?
She remembered yesterday that she had agreed with neon spirit to let neon spirit go back to the coffin shop early in the morning, and she went back to the night to go directly to the DPRK.
Now, this hour has already begun.
No wonder the short couch man is not here.
be over; be doomed
Isn’t she absent from the early court today?
No, being late is stronger than being absent, and there is no punishment.
Thinking like this, I dare not delay getting up in the wind for a moment.
Xu Xu heard the door of the moving wing "creaking" when he entered the room. As soon as the door opened, a woman dressed in jade came in with several handmaids smiling. "Is your wife awake?"
The handmaid is holding a copper plate, a brocade towel, a mouthwash cup and a spittoon in her hand.
It’s the first time I’ve seen this girl in emerald green. She’s young, her eyes are white, her teeth are petite and exquisite, especially when she smiles slightly. Her eyes are curved like a crescent moon on the horizon, and a small tiger tooth is slightly exposed, fresh and lovely.
Look at the clothes, although they are not gorgeous, they are also splendid. I think they should not be people.
At this time, the night left, but she didn’t care about it. Let several people put things on her own.
Cui Yi woman motioned for several people to do the same. At the end of the day, she gave a gift to the night away from Luoluo, "Han Xiang met his wife."
Night away from the smile a moment is a response.
"Where’s Lord Feng?" She ask an unnecessary question.
"Madam Hui has already gone."
Claiming that Han Xiang is called Feng Ying Mo Ye, this woman is …
"Cold incense waits on the lady to wash." The woman smiles cunningly and is as charming as the morning sun.
Night away from the end up gargle cup sipped a mouthful of cold sweet load end up spittoon in front of the night away.
At night, I was dazed and spit out mouthwash.
"Thank you all for going."
Too many people are in the way, but now she is in a hurry.
Hall of Golden Chimes―emperor’s audience hall
Emperor devoted to thousands of feathers sitting high in the dragon chair, and his eyes glanced for the third time at the official in the hall.
I cann’t believe she didn’t come
This is the first time that she has been absent from the morning court.
In fact, he didn’t sleep when he came back last night.
He shouldn’t have treated her like that. He knew it, but he lost control and didn’t think of it himself.
One by one, the officials of the hall were talking, but he didn’t hear anything.
It was not until an official came to the "night shop owner" that he suddenly came to his senses.
"I have drawn up the drawings according to the emperor’s instructions for the expansion of Jiefang, but I don’t know if I want to discuss it because the owner of Jiefang is not here today?"
It’s Ministry Shang.
With the increase of anti-drug efforts, the income of drug addicts is increasing, and the existing ring houses are already unable to accommodate the former ones. At that time, the emperor wanted to expand the Ministry of Industry.
Devoted to thousands of feather eyes, the light flickered, and a dragon hand was gently stretched out to signal the other party to present it.
"The owner of the night workshop sent someone to report that he was ill in the morning, so I can’t go to the drawings earlier today!"
"I obey orders!"