However, the opposite night is like a stranger, as if she can’t hear it, but she still keeps pushing for her, and she dare not be ruthless. She has to step back for fear of hurting the night like a stranger!


Who the hell is it …
Thunder fighting while insidious smile to beat MuQian this base, people let her their four dharma head Weifu tonight finally can fully 393 Chapter 393 So elusive.
Then he will MuQian beat losing ground!
Mu Qian is really in tears, and his mouth still mumbles, "Brother Ru Mo is me … Don’t hit me!"
Thunder really tried his best to suck milk today. He won’t be happy unless he has a good time!
So he punched followed by a punch!
These days, the main reason for the palace is that he pretends to be with Qingyue, and he finally knows that everything is an illusion. The palace master is doing it for this mu Qian, and now the palace master is in the room of Qingyue!
-dividing line-
Feng Qingyue is looking at Nan Lichuan’s letter to her at the moment and thinking about whether the night is like a stranger mask or whether it is Nan Lichuan or pestering her!
She suddenly turned around and sat next to a man with a head propped up and looked at her. She almost lost her soul!
"The night is like a stranger, do you want to be so elusive!"
Especially, he wears a mask again, and just after bathing, the neckline exudes a charming fragrance like a V-neck …
Moreover, his hair is slightly wet and his chest is hanging freely, which really creates an enemy temptation, so beautiful that people can be enemies!
Zhuge Yue, clutching his chest, was amazed by his beauty and scared by his shadowy appearance!
The night is like a stranger’s lips, and the lights are bright and bright. "I didn’t mean to scare you. You’ve been in a daze for a long time …"
Zhuge Yue realized that she wanted the night to be like a stranger to South Lichuan, so she couldn’t help but look up and ask, "Night is like a stranger. Since we love each other, why can’t you show me your true colors?"
Listening to her words, the night suddenly opened her lips. "Is my true face so important to you?"
Zhuge Yue nodded "Of course it’s important! We shouldn’t have secrets … "
"Well, you told Nan Lichuan where you came from and what you and Nan Haochen did, and you didn’t tell me anything?"
Because the night is like a stranger, Zhuge Yue is more and more sure that he is Nan Lichuan. Otherwise, how could he know that she told Nan Lichuan everything!
If you think about it carefully, the change after drinking in Nanlichuan is really more and more like the night!
So her eyes sank, and then her voice became cold and many "good!" I’ll tell you everything about me now, but in exchange, you have to show me your masked face! I want to know who you really are! "
Zhuge Yue didn’t expect the night to be so strange that she answered so simply. "But tell me one thing first, whether you are Nanlichuan or not!"
"No" did not hesitate to answer!
Zhuge Yue became more and more entangled in his heart, and all kinds of evidence pointed to the night as a stranger, but he promised to show her the face behind the mask. Why did he still deny it at this time?
Zhuge Yue told Ye Rumo about her again, just like she told Nan Lichuan at the beginning!
She has been peeping at the night like a stranger’s face. He is not particularly surprised, but it may be because he is well informed!