"When you have high-grade ore, you will bring it to us. We will let people make it into advanced equipment and then auction the money together, or we can buy your ore directly. Of course, the price is easy to discuss. What do you think?"


Sun Sheng thought about it. It’s really a good thing. Although Zhang Jiucheng is a very powerful blacksmith, after all, he is not his personal consultant. If he can’t have ore, ask him for help. Even if people don’t bother themselves, they can’t pull that face. It’s fair to talk about the cat demon, so they agreed to come at once.
In a blink of an eye, two days have passed, and the Iron Blood Auction House has finally ushered in the first auction in the public eye. In advance, the Iron Blood Xuan organization has already walked out about the auction of guild tokens in this auction. Those players who have the money and want to have a game naturally want to try their best. The auction day came to the auction house early.
The auction house is extremely crowded, which is naturally due to the fact that a village-level auction house can’t accommodate many people. Because of this, the competition for seats in the auction house is even more fierce, and five independent boxes have been booked early. This is still because someone paid a very high price and went through the back door before they won the auction regardless of the auction proceeds. The auction house has made a lot of money just by entering the venue.
In fact, when it comes to the second gang token in this game, it must be those large enterprises or companies that want to make great efforts in the game to support certain groups or individuals, so a strong smell of commercial warfare has already permeated before the auction.
Before the auction was officially held, Iron Blood Soul also held a performance. Of course, this is also to mobilize the atmosphere so that the auction buyers are excited to pay more money and prepare for the real intention of helping the token characters. Naturally, they will not focus on any performance, but discuss the possible prices of their opponents in their respective lounges.
Sun Sheng didn’t watch those performances outside, but hid in the background of the auction house with Mint early and found a quiet place that was not easy to be found.
"How much do you think we can make this time?" Sun Sheng holding mint hand very philistine asked.
"It should be quite a lot."
"Maybe I have all the money for marriage."
"Nonsense, who is going to marry you?" Although the light was dim, Sun Sheng clearly saw that mint’s face turned red and went straight to Bogen.
Sun Sheng couldn’t help but feel hot in his heart and couldn’t help but continue to tease. "I said that I am not marrying you. What are you shy about?"
"yuck!" Mint deeply buried his head in his chest and punched Sun Sheng on the shoulder.
Looking at Mint’s shyness, Sun Sheng’s evil wolf’s sexual coaxing was aroused, and a pair of big hands held Mint tightly in their arms. "I just hate to let you beg for a generation in the future!"
The auction is just when they are very much in love.
In Taiwan, the auctioneer can’t suppress the scene with a hammer, but people have arranged for a large gong with a diameter of one and a half meters to be hung high. As soon as the auctioneer dropped the hammer, someone swung a watermelon-sized hammer and knocked on the gong, and people became quiet in the auction hall.
"Please be quiet!" The auctioneer’s field is very irritating. The noise just now is almost the same as putting a firecracker in people’s ears. Who can not be quiet? ! "Today is the auction day of our iron auction house. On behalf of all our workers, I’d like to thank you for coming to pay tribute to the nonsense. I won’t say much, so please see our first auction-forging golden hammer! This is that equipment that player who have forged this life skill dream of. A 5-point strength bonus can make you feel more comfortable when you build the equipment. A 5% success rate bonus can save you a lot of money. If someone has no chance, you can go further in forging this promising life skill. You are all here to show me that today’s first auction can’t be too expensive. The starting price is a gold coin, and there is no limit for each price increase! "
The auctioneer stuttered so fast that he was just crushed by a shocking noise and his anger rose again.
The backstage Sun Sheng listened to the auctioneer’s words and was really Pepe, but he didn’t have any interest in that auction. After all, Zhang Jiucheng’s things are not first-class and second-class forged golden hammers, which is really nothing in Sun Sheng’s eyes.
Mint is different. She hasn’t seen anything in Zhang Jiucheng. Seeing Sun Sheng stupidly, she said, "What’s the matter? Scared? I think this hammer is very good, too. It’s a pity to auction it out. It would be nice if you could stay for us to help your brother, but fortunately, we have better ones! Ha ha "
"Better? Is it? Can it be better than you? "
"I hate this. How can I compare it?"
Forging the golden hammer ended up with 15 gold coins, and the price was not expensive. After all, there are still not many players who can get this thing, and even fewer can enter the auction site today.
Sun Sheng and Mint are teasing and noting the auction process in the background. Of course, Sun Sheng’s most attention is still closely related to his own situation. After all, this is a thing that affects his vital interests.
The auction process is still quite lively. After all, it’s the first time to put on a facade, and almost all the good things that can be taken out are taken out.
"Well, the price of the last 6 gold coins on the 22nd won this fourth-order moose. Congratulations to this gentleman. I hope you can ride this moose for a long time!
"Then we want to auction two pieces of equipment, a pair of white iron king wristbands, and each piece of strength is 19 points plus body at 6 o’clock. There are already people laughing over there. I know that this attribute bonus root is nothing, but there are still 22 squares in each wristband!
"Everyone knows the equipment price? This pair of wristbands is exquisite and small, which is definitely a must-have for traveling. The starting price is 1 gold coin, and the minimum price increase is 1 gold coin each time! "
Chapter one hundred and forty Passion in the auction
The auctioneer said that this pair of wristbands was exactly what Sun Sheng asked Zhang Jiucheng to build after digging into the Baitiewang mine. When Sun Sheng cleaned the parcel, he found that the pair of wristbands were naturally put into the auction because of the scarcity of equipment. "Eleven gold!"
"Thirteen gold!"
"Fourteen gold!"
"Well, Mr. 53, the brand, offered 14 gold. This price is quite cost-effective. Did you increase the price? Okay, Mr. No.34 has bid sixteen gold coins. Is there any higher price? Twenty gold coins! Mr. 26th bid twenty gold coins! One added four gold coins! This gentleman seems determined to win this pair of wristbands! "
As the auctioneer shouted at the top of his lungs, the price of the pair of wristbands was finally 46 gold coins!
Forty-six gold coins are not too ideal for Sun Sheng, but life is always there in one month.
"Then it’s the last three vendors in this auction. Now I ask you to prepare your hand cards. These three vendors will definitely make your blood boil!"
The auction will also enter the closing stage as the etiquette lady comes with a red silk object.
"Please look at the first one!" Then the auctioneer threw the red silk aside. "Three seventh-order pebbles in Zhongtan!" As soon as the auctioneer’s voice fell, the whole venue was boiling up until the auctioneer let people bang the huge gong again and then gradually quieted down.
The whole venue listened to the auctioneer giving a vivid speech alone in Taiwan. "Everyone knows that it is not difficult to upgrade mining skills to advanced level, but it is almost impossible to move from advanced level to master level! What? Just because intermediate miners can mine a lot of stones, but senior miners can mine, that is, there are few seventh-order stones! Not to mention the middle-level ninth-order ore, what can the seventh-order ore do? I think everyone knows that it can build a spirit! I won’t say more about what a horoscope is. I believe everyone knows its value. With these seven-stage ores, you are equivalent to having half a horoscope. Why hesitate? Raise your cards!
"The reserve price of three seven-step Zhongtan pebbles is 1,000 gold coins, and the back cover is not allowed for each bid!" The auctioneer banged his gavel.
"eleven hundred gold coins!"
"1200 gold coins!"
"1,500 gold coins!"
When I just heard the auctioneer say the reserve price, Sun Sheng was worried that the reserve price was a little high, and no one would bid. After all, 1,000 gold coins is not a small sum, but it is 100,000 yuan! I didn’t expect people to be so crazy, as if shouting numbers and gold coins in their pockets were not the same! "But it’s better this way. The higher they shout, the more I earn!" Sun Sheng’s heart was happy and his face showed up. Looking at Sun Sheng’s face falling into the eyes of money, he looked like mint, but he was not angry at all. Instead, he thought he was cute! I couldn’t help kissing him in the face!
Qian Zhuang’s cowardice, plus the beauty’s initiative to kiss Sun Sheng’s blood boiled up as soon as she hugged mint in her arms and opened her mouth to bite her lips! The kiss lasted until a roaring gong rang! Three pebbles were auctioned off, and the final transaction price was as high as 9,760 gold coins! This is 970 thousand!
"Let’s send it, let’s send it!" Sun Sheng holding mint face excited and said
Mint didn’t speak. Her eyes were still half-narrowed, and one of them was half-closed. Two pieces of red lips were slightly red and swollen. I couldn’t say how sexy Sun Sheng kissed her again and then held her in her arms and couldn’t help jumping.
"The guest in Box 3 got these three pieces of seven-order ore. I have to say that the guests inside really have a good eye, so I wish you an ideal horoscope as soon as possible.

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