"Haha Fran, do you think I will lose?" Al uz laughed.


"… it shouldn’t?"
Fran replied uncertainly
Even if she had a record of drawing with BIG·MOM, she had witnessed it with her own eyes, but it was the most famous one-on-one hit. This thing was recognized and even the other four emperors never denied it.
"I’m not sure whether I can win or not." Although Alves spread out his hand, although there is a avalanche, it is not easy to climb a higher level by relying on avalanche. At present, it is far from enough to attract souls!
"But I won’t lose."
Even if it is a temporary method to climb to a higher level, the jade-falling ability can protect Alves in an invincible position.
He didn’t think about fighting Caddo to the death, and he also believed that the cunning beast wouldn’t really play any undead tricks with him. Many people know that Caddo’s hobby is suicide, but if he really wants to die, he will escape from the naval prison ship.
And even if the material is wrong, it’s just a good fight with Kado without much loss
Just then
Someone is coming.
"The vanguard of the Pirates of the Beasts in the Temple has reached 20 nautical miles away. According to the information received, the bearer is the billboard of the Pirates of the Beasts [Drought] Jack." The attendants came to report the information truthfully.
"Kado didn’t come?" Eluz asked.
"The beasts should be still behind. The vanguard troops saw the drought."
"To a drought? It seems that it’s not time for me to inform Dylan that he’s in charge of this war. I’d like to see if the big kanban of the Pirates of Animals is better or if I train the squire myself. "
The attendants retreated and ran to inform Dylan.
Soon there were warships out of the fleet and out of the harbor, heading for the direction of the Pirates of Animals.
Alves was on the flagship deck, looking at the distant warships with deep eyes. He spared no effort to cultivate the attendants around him. This time, we can just see if he has made efforts to see if there is a big billboard for the White Beasts and Pirates. This is the best touchstone.
Chapter 116 Drought VS Executor
"There’s a boat in front of Jack’s adult, hanging the flag of Ekmondo Kingdom, but there’s a boat coming towards us …" From a high place, the lookout can see the distant scene. When a big ship appears, it’s natural to hide it from their eyes.
Come on, I’m in charge of the lookout pirates. I’m sitting in the cabin eating and drinking. Jack immediately let go of the information and domineering. He followed the guide and found that he was leaning over and there was a fresh breath of life, and there was a particularly strong generator.
Very strong!
Jack made a judgment in an instant
His experience of being able to come with hundreds of battles like a beast tells him that people are extraordinary.
"I really took the initiative to attack!" Jack quickly came to the deck, and in a short time, without the help of binoculars and other utensils, he saw the warships appearing in the distance, embroidered with gold coffee trees and blue flags fluttering in the wind. The goal of this expedition was naturally so conspicuous.
He gazed at the warship coming straight, his eyes shining, and his chest boiling like fire.
"Let me try the fifth overlord in the new world today! ! !”
Jack commanded the ministries to drive the Mammoth toward the front of the original warship. The bow of this warship is like an elephant’s head with two long fangs. From a distance, the momentum is extremely fierce. In this new world, most people often run away with fear when they see this Mammoth.
In recent years, the three watchboards of the Pirates of the Wild Animals [Inflammation Disaster] and [Epidemic Disaster] rarely walk outside, and everything is based on [drought], that is, Jack, and Jack’s style is extremely overbearing and ferocious, and he can solve problems by force without a word of nonsense.
Therefore, in this new world, the sea has left a fierce name that makes people run away.
But he met the enemy today, but it wasn’t those gutless miscellaneous fish who saw the mammoth coming. The warship didn’t waver and still maintained its original speed. The distance between the two ships was rapidly narrowing.
You can see each other’s deck figures.
"It’s [the executioner]"
One of the Pirates recognized Dylan.
Dylan, the attendant of Elus, gained the nickname of the executioner when he suppressed some of the giants in the dark world. This name not only symbolizes his cruelty, but also represents his recognition of strength.
Even Jack has heard the name.
Jack was reckless, irritable and impulsive, but the other two people were calm in the three disasters. Although the other two stayed in the camp this time and did not act together, they had received enough information and made corresponding analysis before the action, and then forced Jack to remember several names.
It happened that [Executor Dylan] was among them.
"The executioner is it? I hope you have two big brothers who say so much. "
Jack took two handles hanging around his neck, which looked very strange. Half of the weapon was straight and the other half was sickle-shaped. These two handles were specially made by Jack. He had learned this strange weapon method before casting. It seemed strange, but the lethality was not underestimated at all.
When jack stare across that street
Dylan across the street is also looking up.
"drought jack"
Dilunyi is not too short to stand at the bow of the boat, which is 250 centimeters long. However, compared with the height of the opposite deck, Jack doesn’t even have a third of the height of the other side. If he stands together, I’m afraid he can reach the other side’s knees.
He read Jack’s name lightly several times, and his face remained unchanged, both frightened and excited.
It’s just one thing to stop the drought

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