Her plain nails are not dyed. Chlo? dan’s nails are neatly trimmed and round. They have a light pink color and look very pleasing to the eye.


Suddenly she pushed her bowl in front of him.
"I can’t finish some of it, Emperor, but a lot of precious medicinal materials have been poured in this soup. It’s a pity that the Emperor helped me drink it."
Then he smiled shyly and lowered his face slightly, afraid to look into his eyes.
"I’d like to stay in the palace with the emperor tonight if he likes!"
Stay …
Accompany him?
That means what he thinks?
But he was very happy even if she didn’t want to stay in the palace!
Immediately, Feng Li Su didn’t think much about taking her away, but the remaining soup was only a small half bowl. He took it up and drank a few mouthfuls, and then pushed the clean bowl to her.
"I have finished drinking acacia, and you promise to count it!"
Seeing Feng Li Su drink all the rest stew, Chang Xiangsi’s smile deepened a lot and then nodded gently.
"I spoke to the natural number to stay with the emperor tonight! Emperor, why don’t we play chess? Every time, the emperor doesn’t like me. If the emperor can win me this time, I promise the emperor … "
She lowered her face and stared at him with a smile on her face. "Be an emperor woman tonight and ask the emperor not to abandon lovesickness …"
"Are you serious?"
Feng Lisu almost didn’t jump up and miss him often. Would you like to be his woman?
He will win this game of chess today, no matter what!
Often acacia nodded beautifully and lifted it slightly.
"Nature is serious!"
"good! Somebody please prepare the chessboard! "
He has been waiting for her for such a long time, and he wants to force her to get hurt. He even almost lost his grandson.
Today, Chang Xiangsi was willing to give him a game of chess to decide the outcome. Suddenly, he was grateful to Qing Mu Gong for rebelling, otherwise Chang Xiangsi would not have come to think of him to fight side by side today!
The chessboard was ready soon, because it was getting dark outside, Laifeng Lisu had lanterns prepared and an egg was placed, and the whole room immediately lit up.
Black and white chess is extremely divided, and the chessboard lines can also be clearly seen. Feng Li Su is full of joy, but he has not forgotten that emperors should have manners.
"Acacia you first!"
Although he is eager to win her a set and get her, he should have grace or have it.
Often acacia also you’re welcome to hold the white fall in Tianyuan position and stare at him with a smile. The jade hand is gently buckled on the desktop.
Feng Li Su smiled and held the black fall.
Burning incense in the room is Long Xianxiang’s fragrant smell. He often looks thoughtfully at the incense as if he was waiting.
It’s getting dark, and it’s gloomy outside, and I feel the cold wind whistling past and hitting the window, and the sound of ghosts and wolves is a bit scary at this late hour.
Acacia always made people prepare meals, and when they saw Feng Jiang’s clothes still asleep, they smiled, but he slept soundly. She slept with him all afternoon, and now he has woken up for some time, and he is still asleep.
Often acacia walked over and raised my hand and gently caressed his face. "It’s time to get up for dinner! Crimson clothes! "
She seldom calls him this way. More often, she shouts with her name and surname, and she is asked by Feng Jiang Yi several times, but she doesn’t want to come over.
Hearing her soft voice, she slowly opened her sleepy eyes and saw the woman stretch out her hands from under the bed to hold her in a full voice and shouted "Mom …"
Acacia often returns the past by raising my hand and rubbing his cold hair.
"Get up and eat soon."
Feng Jiang’s clothes are very obedient, but she rubbed her face lightly for a few times, which made him very comfortable.
"Did you feel a little better after sleeping for an afternoon?"
"Yeah, it’s better."
Feng Jiang’s clothes are light, and she kissed her face heavily. She got up contentedly and had a deep sleep. She really felt refreshed, but she didn’t want to move.

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