Yet, all the unknown so masters on the field were in alarm. Just now, they clearly saw the enlightened god beast gaining the upper hand, but they didn’t know why they had to let Tianjun go. Isn’t this equal to letting the tiger return to the mountain? But Bao Shi knew it, and he was quite clear about his eldest brother’s means. XuanYuanFeng looked at Bao Shi with a puzzled face and shock, and asked, "What’s wrong with this enlightened beast? Didn’t he get the upper hand? Why are you letting us go now? "


"Ahem, didn’t you see that my eldest brother’s right hand finally controlled the enlightened god beast? As long as my eldest brother is willing, I’m afraid the enlightened god beast has already been reduced to ashes. Also, why did my eldest brother use Excalibur instead of Yan sword? Think about it yourself. " Say that finish, Bao Shi teleported directly to the sky, leaving XuanYuanFeng full of doubts.
Ignoring the puzzled eyes of the surrounding monsters, Tianjun walked directly to the enlightened beast with a smile and said indifferently, "So, Tianjun thanked the enlightened beast for letting go." Bowed and bowed, Tianjun did everything he should do.
"Tianjun, your strength is good. I will visit the Vengeance Blood League when I have the chance. By the way, where are you going?"
"Moon Mirror Lake, I have an old relationship with the Infinite God Emperor and the Heavenly God Emperor. At their request, I went to visit with my two brothers."
"Oh, I see." The enlightened beast flashed a surprised look in his eyes, then smiled at Tianjun and said, "The transmission array of this ant imperial city can only reach Sirius City in the animal temple as far as possible, and there is no transmission array from Sirius City to Moon Mirror Lake, which is almost a distance of about one billion miles. Tianjun, I wish you good luck and see you soon. "
"Ha ha, enlightened god beast. See you later. " Tianjun is also a calm smile, then waved to Bao Shi and XuanYuanFeng, and Shen Nian had already detected the specific location of the transmission array, and made a leap without hesitation.
After Tianjun, Baoshi and XuanYuanfeng disappeared, the enlightened god beast Y and N looked at the blood dragon coldly and said, "Blood dragon, don’t go back to blood dumpling city for a while. Help me check the information of Tianjun and the specific strength of revenge blood alliance. Remember, what I want is from Tianjun’s entry into this ancient forest, and you are not allowed to give me any details. "
I couldn’t help shivering all over, and blood dragon quickly knelt on the ground and said respectfully, "My Lord. I see, I’m going. "
In the transmission array, the white light flashed, and the next moment, Tianjun, Baoshi and XuanYuanfeng crossed the distance of billions of miles. Came to the edge of the beast temple city-Sirius city.
"Whoo-hoo, that was a close call. We actually escaped from the enlightened beast." XuanYuanFeng a face of concerned said.
Bao Shi looked at Tianjun squarely and asked with a puzzled face, "Big Brother. Why didn’t you use Yan’s sword when you just fought the enlightened beast? And … At the last moment, I felt that you had controlled the enlightened beast. How did you let him go at the critical moment? "
"Ha ha. Old six, it seems that you need to learn more about the way of the world. Think about it. If I really beat the enlightened beast mercilessly, will the people in the beast temple spare us? Also, I feel that this enlightened beast has not made every effort at all. His strength is unfathomable and definitely not as simple as we seem! " Tianjun said thoughtfully, the enlightened god beast always gives him a feeling like an abyss, which is bottomless.
"Oh, yes, now that we are in Sirius City, the Lord of Sirius City should not embarrass us." BaoShi spirit force unscrupulous enveloped the whole Sirius city, although feel some god emperor level, but are not nearby, obviously, this Sirius city must be ordered by the enlightened god beast, otherwise three living human beings came to the city, there is no monster beast to watch, that is strange.
"Let’s go, there is no transmission array to transmit from here to Moon Mirror Lake. We still teleport in the past. It’s better to do more than one thing, and less than one thing is better than nothing. The principle of our revenge blood alliance is that people don’t mess with me, I don’t mess with people, and if people mess with me, I will punish his nine families." Tianjun said faintly, but XuanYuanFeng and Bao have no doubt that Tianjun’s words are true.
Sirius city is not much different from blood dumpling city. They are all outrageous beasts, but they all walk in the streets in human form and conduct various transactions.
Tianjun three people didn’t stay in Sirius City. They looked for the direction of Moon Mirror Lake in the north and made a direct leap. At this time, Moon Mirror Lake is nearly a billion miles away from Sirius City, according to the enlightened beast. The distance of about a billion miles is enough for Tianjun to toss for a period of time.
At the speed of Tianjun three people, it soon flew to a lonely place, surrounded by some barren forests, and rich trees covered the vast sky, like a green carpet laid on the ground, and the sky was dark y and n, like a sign of the coming heavy rain, but this environment was nothing for Tianjun several people, and it was not in my heart at all.
"Eldest brother, you won’t meet any monsters halfway through this billion-mile distance. There are really many wild beasts in this Taikoo forest." Although Bao Shi said bitterly, the whole person’s eyes are still J and jīng Guang Si She, which seems to be radical.
"Ahem, old six, I see how your wretched eyes seem to wish for more wild beasts?"
"Well, you can see that."
Looking at Tianjun and Baoshi chatting without a word here, Xuanyuanfeng seemed to think of something and mused in a low voice: "I heard my eldest brother say that this area seems to be called something dark?"
Holding his head in his hands, XuanYuanFeng was thinking hard while flying. Tianjun and Baoshi were aware of XuanYuanFeng’s abnormality, but they didn’t disturb him, but followed him. Suddenly, I saw XuanYuanFeng suddenly stop flying, his eyes were happy, and he looked at Tianjun excitedly and said, "I remember that this area of nearly one billion miles was called the Dark Temple hundreds of millions of years ago, but it later declined."
"Dark temple? A force before? " Tianjun surprised looking at XuanYuanFeng asked.
XuanYuanFeng is nodded and said: "hundreds of millions of years ago, the dark temple was a powerful force in TaiGuSen. It’s almost the same as the animal temple now, but in the end it declined for some reason, so that it disappeared, but it is said that they eventually huddled in the area between Sirius City and Moon Mirror Lake. I think it should be here. "
"Thirty years in the east of Hedong and thirty years in the west of Hexi, a generation of new people will be replaced by old people, not to mention the replacement of hundreds of millions of years. The decline of the dark temple is reasonable, but I have a hunch that there must be something terrible in the field of this dark temple." Tianjun boldly imagined, but his eyes were deep looking at the distance.
"Hum, I knew that enlightened god beast that fellow didn’t Ann what kind. Before, I always wondered that there was nothing they didn’t do to the three of us. After all, with the power of the beast temple, it seemed easy for them to destroy us. Now I understand. They must want to use the powerful monsters in this dark forest to destroy us, and they are good at killing people! " Bao Shi felt that he had been played with and said angrily.
There is no denying that Tianjun and XuanYuanFeng were silent after hearing the words of Bao Shi, if Bao Shi didn’t say anything wrong. This is really a set of enlightened beasts, letting three people go in and die.
But at this moment XuanYuanFeng (turn), eyes full of hope and said: "In fact, this dark temple is not as bad as imagined. It is said that there is a strange grass growing in this forest. It’s called evergreen grass. "
"oh? Growing grass? What’s the specific use? With our present strength, isn’t it immortal? Do you still need this long grass? " Tianjun said doubtfully, but after hearing Tianjun’s words, XuanYuanFeng slowly shook his head and said, "Immortality is only for mortals. If mortals eat this long grass, they will naturally live forever. But for us gods, this long grass has another function, that is, the living dead, the flesh and bones. "
"Living dead, meat bones? This sounds cool, but is it true? " Paul said some don’t believe.
"Ha ha, of course, the living dead are just exaggerating their abilities, but as long as you have a trace of soul, even if you are fatally injured, you can still come back to life with this long grass, and it is still immediate. Of course, I have heard all this from people, and I have no way of knowing whether it is true or not." Speaking of which, XuanYuanFeng immediately straightened his position. After all, he never came to this beast temple.
"Eldest brother, what should we do next?" Bao Shi looked at Tianjun, and as long as he gave the order, he would not hesitate to rush in to the dark temple.
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Besides, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to enter this dark and secluded temple area. We’d better leave it to fate. I’m afraid the person who can kill me in the whole Taikoo forest has not yet been born." Tianjun said confidently, and immediately stopped hesitating and went directly into it.
With the deepening of the distance, the field of dark and secluded temples has become more and more Y and N sen, and cháo’s wet cold has spread out from the ground, and a faint mist has emerged. The withered branches and yellowed leaves have spread a thick layer on the ground, suddenly looking at it, giving people a sense of depression and coldness. Suddenly, a cold wind blew, and the whole forest remembered scratching and howling, which made people tremble unconsciously, as if they had entered the graveyard of death or the underworld.
Of course, Tianjun three people are flying in the sky. Although everything under them is shrouded in their spirit, it doesn’t affect him at all. It took nearly three days to sprint all the way. At this time, Tianjun and others have entered the hinterland of the dark and secluded temple, and the trees around them are more and more ancient and vigorous. However, to the surprise of Tianjun, the deeper they go, the fewer animals there are with signs of life, except trees.
"Eldest brother, how do I feel the more forward, the heavier the cold? And we haven’t seen anything alive for almost a whole day. " Bao Shi said dully, indeed, just such a boring flight will make people feel boring.
"Ha ha, this is not easy to understand? We have at least experienced a distance of nearly 50 million this day, and we can occupy such a large place without life, which means that this terrain has become a field. " Tianjun said flatly, and Bao Shi smiled excitedly after hearing Tianjun’s words, full of excitement and said, "Brother, do you mean there is a fierce monster around here?" Haha, there is another fight. I haven’t started for a few days. To be honest, my hands are itchy. "
"Ahem, is fighting fun?" XuanYuanFeng a face of boring said. Of the three, although his realm has reached the middle of the God Emperor, it is a little higher than Tianjun, but the comprehensive strength is worse than Tianjun by more than one level. If you encounter any monster beast of the earth again in this dark and secluded temple. He is only abused.
All of a sudden, I only heard a loud scream. Tianjun three people actually fell from the sky without warning. Although the distance below is nearly 10,000 meters, it is natural that Tianjun can’t die with the strength of several people, but it is enough to shock Tianjun that he can’t fly here.
"Eldest brother, what’s going on? How could we suddenly fall when we were flying well? " Completely unable to control his body, Bao Shi said with a face of horror. Is also a face of horror day jun is also shocked shook his head. But it is Yan sword took out from the space, a face of jǐng sleep looking at the quartet.
The wind roared in the ear, and Tianjun three people smashed into the dense forest like a falling meteor. After a few breaths, only a violent crash was heard.
Tianjun three people hit several huge black holes on the wet and soft ground of cháo. The whole person is completely immersed in it. Suddenly, a shock exploded, and Bao Shi climbed out of the black hole in a mud shower. Tianjun and XuanYuanfeng also climbed out one after another.
"What the hell is this, it can’t fly!" Bao Shi said with a face of anger. Then he looked at XuanYuanFeng, full of doubts and said, "XuanYuanFeng, have you heard of this broken place? How can it be forbidden to fly?"
At Bao Shi and Tianjun apologetically. XuanYuanFeng also shook his head with a puzzled face and said, "I don’t know. I know a little about this dark temple through hearsay. Why don’t you ask my big brother? Maybe he knows. " When it comes to asking XuanYuanZhanTian, Bao Shi and XuanYuanFeng are staring at TianJun. Look at his next move, but Tianjun flatly said, "Forget it, Xuanyuan Zhantian is recovering from his injury now. We’d better not disturb him. I have seen places where flying is forbidden, but it seems to be very different from the chaotic world. Let’s go, the enemy will block me, and there is water to cover up. I still don’t believe anyone can stop me from going to Moon Mirror Lake." Say that finish, in Bao Shi and XuanYuanFeng surprised eyes, TianJun directly holding Yan sword, striding forward, into the forest like a spider web.

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