However, its soul is blank, without its own thoughts and memories. Some of them are Song Changgeng’s. It is a puppet, a walking corpse, without its own thinking ability.


At the beginning, it was ordered to restrain its breath, hide its form, and follow the three girls to protect them from harm, so it has been following the three people.
But if it didn’t feel that the lives of the three girls were in danger, it wouldn’t come out by itself, which also made the three people feel emboldened, relied on, and combined with a skill, they were not too afraid.
Now, when Yu Yingnan saw that the giant was so vulnerable, he couldn’t help but burst into confidence. He directly commanded Nanming to be away from the fire sword and rushed at the giant. Li Yingqiong also released his own flying sword to prepare.
The monster looked down at his fingers, even with pain and hate, and roared repeatedly. Although he was also afraid of the dancing Zhu Hong, he still opened his hands as big as a screen and wanted to continue attacking three people.
Although he came in a fierce shape, the sword just now made them all confident. When Yu Yingnan’s tactic was pinched, Nan Ming left the fire sword and went to the giant’s waist.
Her hand tactic just started, and the sword has turned into a red light of more than ten meters long, which divided the giant into two parts. The upper and lower parts of the body collapsed on the ground, and his blood, like a mountain spring, thumped and thumped outward, flowing straight to a low-lying place. The fishy smell in the blood came to the nose, and the giant was not dead at that time, and the sound of roaring and whining was heard.
Killing for the first time, Yu Yingnan and Li Yingqiong were a little scared, but there was also a little excitement and joy. Quietly, a ray of murderous look began to appear in their bodies, and the mind became more calm, and Shuangying finally began to grow and change.
After a while, the giant was dead. Looking at the huge body, Li Yingqiong’s face was a little white. ask m Mingniang said, "Mingniang, you live in the mountains all the year round. Do you know what this is? Why is it so big? "
Mi Ming Niang carefully avoided the blood pool on the ground, carefully turned around the giant’s body several times, looked at it for a while, and then said, "Elder martial aunt, I’m a hundred to ten thousand young, too! I don’t know if it refers to this thing.
It is said that since ancient times, there have been many dragons and snakes in osawa, and there are many uninhabited caves in the deep valley. There are often many mandrill woodsmen and other life entrenched in them. This giant may be something like mandrill. It may be that after years of channeling, he became huge and powerful. Maybe he ate something to become like this. I don’t know specifically.
The cave we just entered should be the place where it stores food. It captured those wild animals in the mountains, and when they couldn’t eat them for a while, they stored them inside, and then sealed them with the stone screen wind at the mouth of the cave to prevent the wild animals from escaping. I think he also threw the finished bones and fur into the cave conveniently, just like what we saw just now. "
After listening to Mi Ming Niang’s words, the two little girls basically understood something, but when it was over, the three of them froze again. What should I do if there was no place to live so late? It seems that it will take another night in the wild.
When the three men were about to leave, they suddenly heard the sound of howls around them. The three of them turned around and looked around in the moonlight. They saw that there seemed to be many things dozens of meters away from them.
They were surprised, and released their flying swords, dancing beside them to protect them. I don’t know what will come out this time, but I have some expectations in my nervousness. By the sword light and moonlight, the three of them saw a distance of more than ten meters, with thousands of creatures, large and small. Except for the side where the monster died, the three of them were everywhere behind them.
These things are all heads like horses, but their bodies are like bears, with long manes behind their heads, and their bodies are magnificent and huge, and their state is very fierce.
Moreover, they actually have a unicorn on their horse’s head. Look at their appearance. Their hind feet are slightly bent and their front feet are arched. They are kneeling there, staring at pairs of red eyes and looking at three people without moving.

The thirteenth volume The Hunger blood god Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine The new classics of blood god
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At this time, on Xiaoyao Island in the South China Sea, after several days of self-cultivation, Song Chang-geng’s minor physical injuries have all recovered, but he did not go through the customs, but settled down and seriously realized the understanding of the first world war.
After several battles, he understood his own shortcomings, that is, he was too scattered and too complicated, and he learned all advanced things, but several systems were not integrated, so he could not be single-minded about the east and the west.
Now the skill of the whole body has been unified into a perfect and improved version, but the dharma tactics are still very miscellaneous. He wants to systematize and transform all kinds of dharma tactics through this retreat.
Originally the first collection of magic doors, it was divided into four categories: the original version, the improved version, the advanced use version and the ultimate perfect version.
The ultimate perfect version of Song Chang-geng’s cultivation is the best. This is the last version after the transformation of the God-man in the bright world. It mainly uses the unique seed word system and gene fusion of the God-man in the outer space to refine a chaotic blood-god pearl, which has a huge space, and can be collected and transformed into various Jingxue, vitality and soul at the same time, which is of infinite use.
After improvement, not only the nature of power has become magnificent, but also the compatibility of spells is very good. At the same time, a large number of methods of various factions have been recorded, but for some reason, these methods have not been systematized.
Instead, it remains the same. What Song Chang-geng has to do is to systematically integrate all these methods together and add other methods he has learned. This is a big project.
But because of this, this incident gave Song Changgeng a sense of challenge. He forgot everything and put all his spirit into it. Investigate and compare the characteristics and similarities and differences of various methods.
Although these tasks are boring, as long as the method is right, the degree is very fast. After more than a month of sorting out, he initially summed up twelve big different types of spells.
In fact, this is only a preliminary arrangement, not only it needs to be refined and improved, but it may not cover everything, so he also reserves the idea of continuing to increase.
Instead of proudly thinking that your own is the best method in the world, these twelve sets of methods are actually just a rough integration of what you have learned before. For example, there are three kinds of chaotic blood gods Yuan Zhu, Xuan Yin blood flame gods Gang and blood shadow divine evasion, all of which are fully mature spells, and there is no room for change.
Even the original spells, such as lotus flower breaking the ban, the whim ban and the fantasy blood god aura, have basically not changed anything. He just integrated the Buddha’s light method with the fantasy blood god aura, strengthened the breaking the ban and the whim ban controlled by the seal, but there was no big change on the whole.
What makes him most proud of the integration is his favorite blood-destroying thunder method, and his cultivation method based on innate swordsmanship. Combined with its own characteristics, it created the Excalibur of Jun Tianxue, which is a method with the same characteristics and power as the innate sword, but the color is golden with red.
At the same time, after the Xuanyin Blood Flame God Gang is condensed in a special way, the formed Xuantian Blood Flame Lotus is the best defense weapon, which can be said to be the first defense. Infinite use, it is a spell that was originally taught by the devil.
These three are the three best conventional weapons he built for himself, and their power is great. But it’s easy to use, and it’s the same as its original capability. It’s what he likes most without transformation.