"Master Xiang, there are people in Master Xiang’s palace!" Early in the morning, the housekeeper screamed outside Qingyun Pavilion.


At this time, I just woke up and often thought quickly about what was coming to the palace at this time, and quickly changed my clothes and waited on Meier to freshen up, then I hurried downstairs.
I often miss this night and I woke up several times. At this time, I woke up immediately when I heard the housekeeper’s voice outside.
She pushed open the window and saw two men in black frowning, and the housekeeper seemed very excited to say something often, and then the housekeeper left together.
She’s lying in the window. What is it that comes at this time?
At this time, it is already dawn, but there is no news about Yu Feng’s clothes. It seems that he is still safe.
I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief at this thought. It seems that Jinse failed yesterday!
Maybe Jinse hasn’t come back to me yet!
Chang Xiangsi felt worried for the first time. She walked around the room anxiously, staring at the thick wooden railings on this window, trying to split them. It was very simple to leave from the sight of the two men in front.
After all, she has only learned Lightness Skill for several months. Even though she has a good talent, how can she learn Lightness Skill for several months?
Often miss here is still banned here, and Chang Xiang there has gone to meet the housekeeper and your father-in-law in the temple.
When your father-in-law saw Chang Xiang, he immediately smiled and greeted him. "Master Xiang is so happy!"
I often laugh at each other. "What do you like this early in the morning? It’ s hard for my father-in-law to come so early! "
"I’m not polite to you. I’m here today to announce the imperial edict."
He looked behind Chang Xiang and looked outside the temple, wondering, "Why doesn’t Master Xiang see Huei-fang?"
Since it is a sacred decree, I asked the housekeeper to go to the backyard to find Miss Sanxiao before saying, "I don’t know where the lovesick girl went. Last night, I was bold and didn’t come back. I have been asked to look for it, but there has been no news. Maybe I can come back later. My father-in-law should also have heard that young women are hard to train if they take off the reins!"
And your father-in-law a listen to this eyebrows tiny cu "this little girl’s home how to stay at night? Alas, if you let the emperor know how worried it is, Master Xiang should send more people to find it … I will wait here for Huei-fang to come back and announce it again. "
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Is this imperial edict often lovesick?
Often ponder the imperial edict in the heart suddenly slightly shocked is the imperial edict guessed seven points.
"Father-in-law might as well read out the imperial edict first. Acacia that girl doesn’t know where she went. It’s estimated that she won’t come back until it gets dark! Feng "
And your father-in-law thinks that there are a lot of things today. If it takes an hour or two to get back to the palace, it is estimated that it will be noon. But if it takes a day, there are still many things that he needs to be busy with, so he has to show regret.
"In that case, then I read the imperial edict!"
At this time, Chang Huanhuan also came over and saluted your father-in-law. This time, he took the slaves behind Chang Huanhuan and knelt down to meet the decree. At this time, he and your father-in-law saw that most people came, but the hostess disappeared in the imperial edict and sighed lightly. This began to read the imperial edict.
"Miss Fortuna, the first daughter of the Emperor Zhao Yue Xiang Fu in Fengtian, often misses the truth. Wen Yaxian’s kind words are so beautiful that my heart immediately confers the imperial concubine and stays in Weiyang Palace, hoping that she and I can help each other and comfort each other. I admire this!"
After an imperial edict was read out, your father-in-law beamed at the people kneeling all over the floor and laughed. "This is the great joy today, Mr. Xiang. Besides this imperial edict, the slave is also instructed by the emperor to marry Huei-fang ten days later. I hope that Mr. Xiang will prepare for the day well, although he is a little anxious, but the emperor’s attention to Huei-fang will not be wronged! Chang Xiang still doesn’t thank you for taking orders! "
Chang Xiang would have guessed this imperial edict for seven points. I didn’t expect him to give Chang Xiangsi an imperial concubine status.
However, even if the emperor gave her the status of queen, it would be disdainful to be afraid of her.
Often did not take the imperial edict noodles don’t change color tunnel "this ….. and your father-in-law is wrong? The emperor allowed Xiang to stay with him for two more years … How can he suddenly be in such a hurry? The symptoms of lovesickness have not yet recovered. It would be bad if he entered the palace and hurt the emperor! "
And your father-in-law laughed. "I didn’t make a mistake about this imperial edict, but the imperial pen was stamped with the imperial seal. How can a slave have the courage to fake an imperial edict?" Anyway, it’s a great event for Huei-fang to be named imperial concubine. It’s a great event for the emperor to love Huei-fang so much. In the future, Huei-fang will definitely be but his favours to three thousand were concentered in one body in the palace. "
Kneeling behind Chang Xiang, Chang Huanhuan was relieved to finally send this statue of athel Loren away.
No matter whether she enters the palace as an imperial concubine or a queen, it’s good not to stay in Xiangfu anyway, but the title of imperial concubine is really not lower than that of four concubines, second only to the empress dowager, and she has deep imperial trust. She often misses her friends and even feels like a duck to water after entering the palace.
Moreover, since ancient times, I have never heard of a princess living together in Weiyang Palace, but where the emperor lived, did the emperor let Chang Xiangsi live in Weiyang Palace because he wanted her to live together like a normal couple?
Chang Youyou loves the emperor so much that she has fallen into such a situation. If she knew that she would reach her dream position without blowing off dust, should she hate vomiting blood and die?
Before Chang Xiang smiled, he caught the imperial edict "Long live my emperor, long live my emperor!"
Then he cast a glance at the housekeeper, who immediately got up and took out a beautifully embroidered purse from his arms and handed it to your father-in-law
"Father-in-law, please put these away as a token of my appreciation. When Huei-fang enters the palace, I hope you will take care of them more."
And your father-in-law took the say with smile "I still rely on the imperial concubine to nu house! It’s not a day or two for Xiang Ye’s housekeeper to feel at ease that the emperor likes the imperial concubine. The slave has a hunch that the imperial concubine will spoil the sixth palace in the future! "
Chang Xiang said, "thank you for your kind words. It’s still early. Please stay for a cup of tea before leaving the housekeeper to make tea!"
"No, no!"
And your father-in-law waved his hand again and again. "You’re welcome. Now that the imperial edict has been declared, the slave has to return to the palace, but the imperial concubine hasn’t come back yet. Let’s send more people to find the imperial concubine, and we can start preparing the dowry for the imperial concubine. The slave will leave without delay!"
"In this case, I won’t leave my father-in-law, and the housekeeper will see you off!"
The housekeeper immediately got up. "Grandpa, this way, please!"
A group of talented people are often relieved, and they are often homesick for entering the palace. The imperial edict has changed her mind again, so it’s ok.
"Dad’s fourth sister being an imperial concubine is really our family’s blessing. When the fourth sister comes back, I still hope that Dad will allow her daughter to enter Qingyun Pavilion to congratulate her."
Chang Huanhuan smiled and looked at Chang Xiang’s handsome face. He wanted to hide Nai several times, but he still showed a little.
Chang Xiang didn’t see the love in her eyes and snorted.
Turn away with an imperial edict
What about a mere imperial edict?
How can he see an imperial edict when he doesn’t even see the emperor in his eyes?
Can Feng Li Su, who entered the palace on the 10th, really wait, but he often meets and gives him the woman he wants for nothing?