Zhang Ting followed his pants and soon found out what the man was depressed about.


"Er, I’m sorry, I didn’t know what you didn’t prepare for coming here, or I borrowed this suit from someone here, but I didn’t expect it to be so short."
Hao Ren looked at Zhang Ting with a look of bitterness and said, "It’s short. It’s just like wearing shorts. It’s over the knee."
He has never worn such a short coat in his life.
Seeing that the men around him were unhappy, Zhang Ting said to him with a flattering look, "Don’t be angry. I’ll make you a new suit one day, but you’ll have to wear something to sleep tonight."
Hao Ren stared at Zhang Ting with a bright eye. "Xiaoting, are you serious? Are you naive to make me a new suit?"
Zhang Ting was about to nod when he suddenly saw this happy expression on his face and swallowed his mouth. He looked at him and asked, "Hao Ren, do I usually wear less clothes for you? Why did I say I would make you new clothes? You are so happy as if you hadn’t worn new clothes for years?"
With a happy face, Hao Ren was shocked to hear Zhang Ting’s words.
In Zhang Ting, Hao Ren forced her eyes to tell the truth slowly. "Haven’t you calculated the small court? Since you have those kids at home, you always make clothes for them, and I will always stay behind them."
It’s Zhang Ting’s turn to be shocked
So she has done so many such things.
It’s no wonder that the man in front of her will be so happy when he hears that he wants to make clothes for him.
"Well, it’s my fault. I won’t ignore you again." Zhang Ting held his big palm with a sorry tone on his face.
It was her words that didn’t have much comfort in Hao Ren’s ears.
Because of these words, he heard the woman around him promise a long time ago.
Unfortunately, in the end, everything remained the same, and he was still behind these children in her heart.
Anyway, he is used to this habit.
Chapter 993 Know how awesome it is!
"Well, I believe you," Hao Renxiao said, holding her hand back.
Seeing that it’s getting late at night, Zhang Ting woke up and said, "Let’s go to bed. It’s very late now."
Hao Ren nodded, holding her hand, and went over to the big bed not far from them.
Fortunately, this Ukrainian bed is big enough for a family of five to sleep in this big bed.
A family of five slept peacefully in this big bed, and the five of them slept until dawn.
Especially Hao Ren, as soon as he fell into bed, he first chatted with his wife in bed for a while, and then he didn’t know anything, and then he slept until now.
When he open his eyes, everything is quiet.
Turned to look at his side on both sides.
My wife and children are not in this bed anymore.
When Hao Ren got up and knocked on the door, he happened to see a hand sitting in the courtyard, probably busy making a wife for him.
On the other side of the yard, three little guys are there, chasing each other like playing a little game of chasing people.
Hao Ren watched it for a while and found that he couldn’t get enough of it.
At this time, a grandma’s angry voice floated up.
"Dad" is followed by two other grandma’s breath sounds.
Zhang Ting, who was bowing his head to make clothes, heard the jump and they called the horse to look back.
When the couple met their eyes, there was a gentle light in each other’s eyes.
"Wake up, I still want you to sleep a little longer." Zhang Ting smilingly looked at the man coming towards his side and said.
Hao Ren sat next to her and reached for her hand. He was just busy with activities and found that he was really making his new clothes. It was his beautiful mouth that bent a lot.
Zhang Ting looked at his face this satisfiedly smile shook his head a smile.
This man is so grown up that he is just like a child.
I just made him a dress and made him happy like this.
It seems that I have neglected this man too much over the years to make this man become like this.
"Are you hungry?" Zhang Ting looked at him and asked.
Let his wife ask so Hao Ren stretched out his hand and touched his belly is really a little hungry.
Not only did he eat that bowl of noodles last night, but he also shared it with him.
He didn’t eat enough when he was a father.
"A little" Hao Ren smiled at Zhang Ting with a smiling face.