"As the predecessors said."


Because both of them are practicing. Flying can’t last. Now Yang Xiu will move out the leopard kite. Let the two little lovers sit together. And he and Bai Zhi flew on the imperial plane. Because he holds the "control jade card" of the leopard. I’m not afraid that the two men fled with leopard kites.
"Slow down. These two people have lost us. " But just as he was leaving. Suddenly. Accompanied by a cold sound. Two figures flew from the horizon. In an instant.
Yang Xiu feel two people out of the surprised momentum. Eyebrows can’t help but pick. Actually, they are all monks in the Dan period. At the beginning of a knot Dan. A mid-term knot Dan.
The two men look very similar. Cold eyes. Deadpan. The muscles on the face are stiffer than Bai Zhi. It’s just the flow of his eyes. Radiant with bright spirits. There is no yin cold qi. Otherwise Yang Xiu think they are also the necromancer.
At the same time, they noticed that they couldn’t see the depth of Bai Zhi. Eyes can not help but reveal a doubt and shock. It’s just a good cover-up It’s fleeting And it has been shown.
Yang Xiu and Bai Zhi put Bai Qing and Li Junhe behind them first. Soft fingers are secretly released the first time. Also quietly. Jie-Dao said, "Which one of you? These two men are monks of our Nanling Sect. Why should I let you take it away? "
Actually, He guessed at once. This should be the monk sent by Bai Ouqing’s parents or family. But of course, Bai Qing can’t understand. Otherwise, previous efforts will be in vain. And he believes that the other party is afraid to tell the truth to his face. Otherwise, the nature of this incident will be different. Once the defendant. It will really harm the family.
Sure enough. Only listen to the relatively thin monk in the early days of Jiedan. Cold track: "It doesn’t matter who we are. But I advise you to take the initiative to hand over those two people. Otherwise, don’t blame me for waiting. "
Yang Xiu certainly won’t be intimidated. Instead, they said thoughtfully, "You don’t seem to know your situation yet."
Because those two people stand relatively close. Yang Xiu at the same time put the fingers around their bodies. As soon as the words are finished. Just a quick and hard strangulation.
At the same time. Bai Zhi secretly motioned to Yang Xiu. Take out the giant stick and hit the two men, too.
But … In Yang Xiu to each other will be twisted around your fingers. I saw that the fingers were soft and the other body just touched. The two men suddenly overflowed with a white tiger that seemed to be illusory.
With the appearance of the white tiger. On two people, an amulet flashes suddenly and turns to ashes.
The white tiger, which seems to be illusory, is swimming around them quickly. Finger-twisting softness has been firmly blocked out and can no longer be close.
However, it was followed by the giant stick in Bai Zhi’s hand. Take up a hurricane and listen to a bang. The two illusory white tigers are even dimmer. It looks like it will dissipate at any moment.
Where did those two think? The other side is a monk. Dare to take the initiative to fight with them. So I was careless at the moment. Lose the opportunity.
Fortunately, they all brought a talisman that can protect themselves automatically. If you don’t want to come here. Two people can’t help a terror in my heart.
After the white tiger blocked before Bai Zhi’s second stick hit. Two people finally also made a response.
First, the protective body is released. Immediately after that, the friar in the early days of Jiedan held a shield. Block Bai Zhi’s second stick. The other man holds a 19-ring broadsword. At the same time that the shield was the giant stick. I’m about to split at Bai Zhi.
Although the two men don’t know what means to Yang Xiu. So that the protective charm can protect the Lord. I also know how to build a base in Yang Xiu. As long as you are prepared, you can’t help it. So make up your mind to solve Bai Zhi together first.
Just as they thought. Yang Xiu’s soft fingers didn’t sneak attack successfully. Once again, the shield of the other party shook and the fingers were soft and suddenly loosened. Let those two break free easily.
Seeing that the fingers are soft doesn’t work wonders. Then we have to play steadily.
Immediately, the "wind and fire hammer" was sacrificed. Throw it at the Godsworn with the shield. And secretly put the "blood tooth thorn" in his hand. Wait for an opportunity. Another yin.
The nine-ring broadsword of the friar in the middle period of Jiedan struck with thunder. I saw the nine-ring broadsword with a bang of a giant stick in Bai Zhi’s hand.
Mid-term monks see this. In indecision Bai Zhi arm strength at the same time, the corners of the mouth can not help but flash a sneer.
I saw a method in his hand. Nine-ring broadsword flies out at the same time. The nine rings on the back of the knife suddenly left the back of the knife. Together to Bai Zhi body blaster.
Because they are not far apart. It was so sudden. It’s too late for Bai Zhi to get out of the way.
These nine rings are also a magic weapon. The monk put a spell on the broadsword. When fighting, you can often take it by surprise. I don’t know how many people have been raped. He believes that Bai Zhi can’t escape.
But … I saw a roar from Bai Zhi. I turned my back on the nine rings that I shot. Wave Optimus Prime and chase.
Go to the friar in the middle of Dan.
"Is this man crazy? That monk in the middle of the knot Dan knows the power of his nine rings. See Bai Zhi regardless. Of course I’m confused.
Nine rings arrived as scheduled. On Bai Zhi, it turned out to be "jingling" like the sound of metal collision. And Bai Zhi was in rags except for his white shirt. There was no scar on my body.
You know, the body of a corpse servant is as hard as a magic weapon. Of course, I don’t care about these nine rings.
And that knot Danxiu doesn’t understand. Of course, it was a big shock. But when I saw Bai Zhi’s giant stick, I came again. There are doubts that have to be suppressed first. Command the nine-ring broadsword to block it.
"Hum. Looking for death. " See each other dare to block. Bai zhi is not polite. The giant stick made a sound of breaking the wind. With the trend of rain. Hit the nine-ring broadsword frequently. But the breathing room. Nine ring broadsword suddenly gave a moan. Was beaten inch by inch broken.
"In the later period of Dan", I felt the amazing momentum of Bai Zhi. The other party still doesn’t understand.
"Go" the other person is also a person who can afford to put it down. See Bai Zhi ferocious. It’s too late to feel bad that the magic weapon was destroyed. He greeted his companion. Trying to escape.
After all, a taxi in the late stage of Jiedan. You can’t resist it in the middle of one or two knots.
The knot with Yang Xiuzhan at the beginning of Dan is easy. A shield blocked Yang Xiu’s windhammer. Sacrifice another magic weapon of the Golden Brick. Quick hit.
The BRICS came over Yang Xiu. Suddenly a size. Like a mountain peak. Press down quickly.
Detect the encirclement of the BRICS attack. Yang can’t help but be surprised. This is even within the scope of the attack.
He didn’t have time to think about it. The wings of qingluan flashed. People are already outside the attack of the BRICS. And Bai Ouqing and Li Junhe. But it was too late to take it away.
But … Yang Xiu also faintly exists to see if the other party really dares to hit Bai Ouqing’s mind.
Seeing that those two people are about to be smashed into patties. However, the BRICS is about to touch Bai Ouqing’s head. Suddenly stopped again.
And just then. I saw the figure of the friar in the early days of Jiedan blasting at Bai Ouqing under the BRICS. After catching Bai Ouqing, I ignored her screams. And the roar of Li Junhe. A palm will stun Bai Ouqing. I will take it away immediately.
Li Junhe saw that Bai Ouqing was taken away by the friar who stunned in the early days of Jiedan. I can’t help my teeth splitting. Eyes bloodshot. The body is also suddenly red. Then from his body out of an war. And with a strong blood gas. I saw him as fierce as a tiger. Unexpectedly, I quickly rushed to the friar at the beginning of Jiedan.
The friar who saw Li Junhe in the early days of Jiedan was just practicing during the practice period. When I caught Bai Ouqing, I didn’t pay attention at all. In his mind. Just use the body protector Xuanguangyi. It will make each other unbearable.