Mu Qingfeng said to the captains: "When fighting for a while, we must find a way to hold off the enemy’s target, and when their cavalry moves, we must immediately retreat, not lien Chan. Finally, we must remember to scatter all the black beans on the ground when running! And the place where we fought must be in the place where we crouched last time, remember? "


Hearing this incredible request, a team leader asked doubtfully, "I don’t need to eat these things, but also scatter them on the ground. Isn’t it a bit too wasteful?" You know, now is a disaster year? "
Mu Qingfeng smiled and said in a low voice, "If you don’t retreat the enemy cavalry, you can’t keep the guy who eats, and you are worried about waste." Listen to me, maybe there will be horse meat to eat. "
Mr. Zhan was as expected by Mu Qingfeng, and when he looked at Changlin Town and dispatched general troops, he started to think that he wanted to do his best in one battle. To see if Mr. Zhan is greedy, it’s just that in this flat place, just three or four hundred people are really no match for cavalry.
Just fighting for a while as Greeny expected, when the second bandit troops rushed up again, they fought with guards like Changlin. These bandits, after the last turmoil, are all elites, while the soldiers in Changlin Town are not ordinary roles, so the two gangs are inextricably linked.
At this time, Mr. Zhan looked at the cavalry leader behind him and said, "According to the previous plan, let the cavalry attack, but try to kill more people in Changlin Town this time to relieve some pressure on our attack." It would be great if we could wipe them out.
According to Mr. Zhan, the bandits blew the horn, and the bandits who got the order retreated like a flood, making full preparations for the cavalry attack.
Looking at the local cavalry galloping in, the captains quickly organized people to retreat. As he ran, he shouted to his brothers, "It’s time for everyone to make meritorious deeds. Hurry up and do what General Shao told us and throw the beans on the ground." After throwing it away, they faded towards Changlin Town without looking back.
These cavalry charge distance is not particularly close, they also didn’t expect to be able to wipe out the enemy’s effective force, so just rush Ma Xiangqian.
At this time, something that no one expected happened. These horses rushed to the front of the clearing and all stopped. If nothing else, because they found delicious black beans, they couldn’t help but stop to eat.
This can’t blame these horses for not having been trained in the military. We should know that the food supply of the bandit troops is very insufficient, and people can’t eat enough, let alone war horses. As we all know, if a war horse doesn’t have enough to eat, its fighting capacity will not drop by a little bit. I finally got a chance to have a big meal, so how can I give up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?
The riders on the war horse are also helpless. They don’t have enough feed. They just look at the retreating military and can’t help swearing.
Mu Qingfeng, who saw all this on the city wall, said faintly to the long-awaited messenger next to him: "It’s time to set off fireworks and let Captain Zhang act according to the plan!"
A bunch of bright fireworks rose into the sky, and captain Zhang in the distance got the signal, spat at his palm and shouted loudly, "Brothers, work! It also makes those animals often taste the flood. " Then he picked up the axe and cut it hard on the newly built dam.
When Mr. Zhan saw the fireworks, he was inexplicably uneasy. In addition, the cavalry actually stood still, and his heart was a little anxious. Not long after, he heard the sound of water rolling in.
"No, it’s a trap!" Mr. Zhan’s face turned pale when he found that his cavalry was in the place where the Seventh Army was flooded last time.
Even at this time, it’s too late to retreat. You know, those horses are enjoying themselves. If you get a knife to chase them, they don’t necessarily leave, not to mention that they don’t know what water is. Of course, people and horses are washed apart.
Mu Qingfeng looked at the cavalry who were washed away by the water and felt that the depression that had come for many days was swept away. At the very least, now there is no need to worry about fighting in the field.
"Ha ha! Let you chase us! I will go to your horse to eat meat later! " Because of the arrangement in advance, the people in Changlin Town are safe and sound.
old villain/scoundrel
The soldiers in Changlin Town felt very comfortable when they saw the cavalry being washed by the flood. After all, they suffered the same blow only a few days ago, but this time the cavalry was injured, and the effect was far from the same. Listening to the cry of the cavalry in the water, many soldiers in Changlin Town laughed, which formed a sharp contrast. Some people even discussed whether to intercept them downstream first, so as to add food to the meal tonight. After all, they haven’t eaten meat for a long time.
Captain Zhang was excited and regretful when he saw the scene in front of him. The excitement is that Changlin Town finally doesn’t have to worry about playing field war with them. Regret is needless to say, just that day to MuQingFeng seems really a little nervous.
Seeing that the bandits’ trump cards were repelled by their own troops, Mu Qingfeng breathed a sigh of relief, and finally he could consider the strategy of chasing the enemy. Zhao Haishou had been lurking in the enemy’s army for so long, and it was time to play a role.
At the same time, Mr. Zhan, who saw his fiasco, looked so ugly that he could almost drop water. It took a long time to spit out a few words from his mouth: "Order the whole army to retreat."
"Mr. Zhan, we still have nearly two thousand men, so we lost just three hundred cavalry, so we won’t retreat." * * asked the kite puzzled. According to the strength, he still has an absolute advantage. Why do you want to retreat?
"Hey, I’m to blame for this battle. It’s all my carelessness." Mr. Zhan was very responsible, and took the responsibility for the defeat of the war on himself. "Xing Shengnv didn’t know that today I lost not only these 300 cavalry, but also our morale. If you don’t believe me, look at the rest of us."
Mr. Zhan pointed to the remaining soldiers.
* * The kite followed Mr. Zhan’s hand, and found that the eyes of the remaining rebels were full of anxiety and despair. Their hands with weapons trembled slightly. Except for Mr. Zhan’s pro-barracks, almost no one else had the strength of World War I.
"So, we just retreat? Won’t the people in Changlin Town follow? " * * Knowing that the situation was not good, the kite expressed its concern.
"As long as the opposite commander is not a fool, he will seize the opportunity to attack, then our loss is not simply so few people. However, I don’t intend to let them win so easily. Even if we suffer heavy losses, we will make them feel badly hurt. "
Mr. Zhan waved and greeted the captains of the pro-barracks into the tent. In order to arrange the task, Zhao Haishou was also listed. After listening to Mr. Zhan’s arrangement, Zhao Haishou silently recited: "What a cruel old thief! It seems that I have to pass this news to the young general quickly."
When the captains came to the hall smiling, they saw the same cheerful Wuxian Ling and Fang Qingsha. As for Muqingfeng, there was not much uproar. After all, he lost for a while first.
Although Captain Zhang is a clown, he also knows the courtesy, justice and shame. After seeing Mu Qingfeng, he knelt down on one knee without saying anything, and said loudly, "Little General, I Zhang Peng made amends for my actions the other day. If this happens again in the future, I will be the first to disagree."
MuQingFeng quickly lifted Zhang Peng up, in his view, the past is the past, there is no need to struggle, but he has more important tasks to give them now.
"Captain Zhang, now is not the time to be careless, but the most critical moment. I want you to take all the troops of Changlin Town and bite the enemy’s tail. You can kill as many people as you can. At the very least, let’s get a rest in Changlin Town, but pay attention to it. Don’t underestimate your enemy. The commander of the other party is no ordinary person."
"Little general, don’t worry, they have no cavalry. Even if they don’t receive a morale blow, they will have the confidence to crush them at the end."
See confident Zhang Peng, MuQingFeng really some not trust, but now don’t seize this opportunity, there is really no other way, so MuQingFeng decided to let Zhang Peng have a try, but in order to prevent accidents, this time he decided to go to the front, after all, MuChongShan has arrived, even if * * kite to behead him, he will not be afraid.
According to Mr. Zhan’s arrangement, Zhang Peng’s team was intercepted in the process of pursuing again, but the people in front of him obviously lacked fighting spirit. As for why they had to fight even knowing that they were dead, look at the pro-barracks not far behind them and you will know why. If you dare to escape, it is estimated that the pledge is a knife.
Like Lu Baishu at the beginning, I found that I didn’t have any retreat, but I still aroused a lot of fighting spirit for myself. After all, rabbits will bite when they are in a hurry. But even if the bandits try harder, after all, it’s just a mob, which was quickly defeated by Zhang Peng’s team. After all, all the troops in Changlin Town were out, and morale was high, so it’s not surprising to win.
But soon Zhang Peng met a tough nut. After beating off the bandits, Mr. Zhan didn’t continue to row the bandits as cannon fodder, but his pro-barracks directly pushed it up.
"Brothers, let these gluttons see what is elite!" The battalion chief of the pro-barracks shouted. What responded to him was the soldiers’ indifferent expressions and the weapons in their hands. 、
Zhang Peng knew he had a hard time, but now the situation is crustily skin of head, too, but he was surprised by the result. Only one encounter, a dozen people died on his side, and only a few people were slightly injured on the opposite side, and none of them were killed.
"What the fuck is this monster? ! There are still such figures in the chaos? " Zhang Peng couldn’t help swearing. After scolding, he didn’t feel like touching a scar on his face. If he hadn’t hid fast, he would have died by this time.
These people don’t pursue, beat back the Chang Lin army to attack and retreat in an orderly manner. Mu Qingfeng looked at the pro-barracks not far away and couldn’t help but sigh: "These talents are elite. If only the flood just now could hurt them."
Mu Chongshan looked at the troops not far away, and said with some doubts, "Son, the way these people fight is quite disciplined. I don’t know if I am blind. How do I feel the shadow of some mausoleum and palace troops?"
"Mu and didn’t read it wrong. This is the team of Mr. Zhan, the old thief. He was born in Yu Ling Wangfu! !” MuQingFeng said some hatred.
I don’t know why, Mu Chongshan was suddenly silent. Don’t forget that he used to be the bodyguard of Ling Wangfu. There are some things that must be known more than Mu Qingfeng, but it’s not the time to make it clear yet.
Zhang Peng hurried over and asked Mu Qingfeng, "Little General, the army in front is a little difficult to fight, and some of the brothers are not rivals. Look …"
Mu Qingfeng interrupted his words: "Captain Zhang, don’t worry. Our purpose today is to wipe out the enemy, not to go shopping. I guess their pro-barracks are not going to fight us to the end, just to hinder our pursuit. The next time you see them coming forward, just stop chasing with the team. "
Sure enough, Mu Qingfeng was right. After a while, the pro-barracks pulled back and found themselves covered. At least the retreat of the bandits has a normal appearance, and it is no longer like a mess just now.
A strange situation has formed on the battlefield. Whenever the bandits appear, the Changlin army is on a roll and kills as many enemies as possible. Whenever the pro-barracks came forward, Chang Lin-jun took the defensive. Although a lot of bandits were rescued by Qinbing, there were not a few people who died under Chang Lin’s saber.

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