The giant Kun adjusted his posture in the water, slammed his tail into the water, rolled up a thousand feet of giant, swung his body to take advantage of the situation, and suddenly his huge tail turned over to the sky, like a shiny cattail leaf fan, hitting the Bodhisattva, which was extremely imposing.


The attack was very unexpected, only to hear 1 of "pa" and break up the Buddhist formation in one fell swoop. The main target of the attack was the Earth Treasure King Bodhisattva, who was beaten upside down by a huge whipping force, far away from the Buddhist army. The feather arrow in the sky suddenly became more unreasonable and tide wait for no man. It threw itself at the bodhisattva, the king of earth treasure, with a gesture of never giving up until he killed him.
It’s not easy for the Bodhisattva, the King of Earth-treasure, to cultivate himself. He soon stabilized his figure in mid-air, and before he could relax, he saw countless arrows rushing towards him, and his roots were as fast as meteors, and there was nowhere to hide. The bodhisattva, the king of earth treasure, was frightened, gritted his teeth, sealed his hands, and went away in a flash. The arrow shot only shattered the lotus platform of the Tibetan king bodhisattva.
The bodhi old zu of Styx over there was only desperate to block the quasi-mention in order to create opportunities for Kunpeng. Seeing this, the Tibetan King Bodhisattva was cornered by Kun Peng. Suddenly a joy in my heart. In a relaxed spirit, he was allowed to sacrifice the wonderful tree staff of Qibao to break through the swords of Yuan Tu and A Bi. Hit the bodhi old zu in the chest of Styx.
Suddenly I saw the bodhi old zu of Styx being beaten like a shell and flying away. Mouth blood in the air with a red line. It’s miserable. Based on the ancestral land of Styx. Was hit by this without a trace. Life and death are unknown. All the Asura people just waited for a long time. I don’t see the ancestor of Styx coming back. Can’t help but be anxious. It’s unbearable to press it first when the waves are dying. Led the team out of the battlefield to find the bodhi old zu of Styx.
Luo Qiantuo, Pi Mo Zhi Duo and others looked at each other, unwilling to lag behind, and left the fray one after another. Just kidding, the ancestor of Styx is the master of the blood sea. If it falls, I’m afraid the blood sea really has no chance to dominate the three realms. Besides, if the bodhi old zu of Styx didn’t fall, it’s time for him to actively look for it. Otherwise, it would be a great loss of a chance to show loyalty.
As for fighting with Buddhism, I don’t know whether my bodhi old zu is alive or dead. I care about his Buddhism to die! So all the Asura military forces willy-nilly, is looking for the bodhi old zu Styx.
Zhunti and Amitabha are concerned about intercepting and leading an army to attack West Cow Hezhou. I don’t want to pursue it, so I must protect all the Buddhists now. Kunpeng is cunning. Seeing that the Asura clan army has left, he has long since disappeared.
By the pool of the Eight Treasures of the Western Elysium, Amitabha and Zhunti joined hands, proclaiming the Buddha’s name, saying, "The sea of suffering is boundless, turn back to the shore, put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha." As soon as the voice was finished, there was a lot of Buddha’s light and wind.

第一百三十六章 群魔乱天庭
第一百三十六章 群魔乱天庭
Besides, in the sea of blood, because the bodhi old zu of Styx was allowed to mention the wonderful tree with 170 treasures, he fell into chaos. Four asura king each led a pair of military forces to search for the bodhi old zu of Styx.
After a long time, they finally found the bodhi old zu of Styx, who was seriously injured and unconscious, on the edge of the sea of blood.
Styx was hit by a blow from Zhunyi with a bitter hand, and it was badly injured. Without a thousand and eight hundred years’ rest, it is difficult to restore its original strength.
After Styx woke up, without considering his own injury, he ran to the secret place he arranged for Luo Wei to confess his sins. I don’t want to, but Naluo didn’t care about it at all, which surprised Styx.
"Actually, it’s just a cover for you to attack Buddhism, in order to attract people’s attention, so that the bodhi old zu can completely break the Pangu seal and release other chaotic fiends." Looking at a face of surprise Styx, Luo Wei smiled gently.
After a long time, I was so badly hurt that I was finally used as a gun. This makes Styx very depressed. Why are you depressed, not angry? The reason is very simple, that is, his life in Styx is in the hands of others, and he has no qualification to be angry at all.
Ignoring the depressed Styx, Luo Wei continued: "Now that chaos and ghosts have been exhausted, it is time to make the next plan!"
"Does the bodhi old zu have a plan?" Styx asked curiously.
"Do you know what has been suppressing the fate of this world?" Luo Wei did not answer the question of Styx, but asked.
"heaven!" Styx, as a figure that existed in the early days of the flood, is naturally clear about this, and he replied without thinking.
"So you say that if we chaotic gods and demons control heaven, I wonder if it can still suppress the fate of this world?" Luo Biao laughed.
"Ah, this?" Styx never imagined that the next target of this Luo Wei would be heaven, surprised.
"Well, you go down and have a rest!" Looked at the Styx, Luo Wei said.
"The villain excused himself!" Styx smell speech, devoting to say. Say that finish, then back down.
After the Styx retired, Xu Du suddenly appeared around Luo Wei. If you count carefully, plus Luo Wei, it is thirty-six in total. And they are the thirty-six demons of chaos.
Luo Wei glanced at the other thirty-five demons, and then said, "Go, let out the hatred in your hearts for countless years!"
When these 35 figures heard the news, they all gave a strange cry and then disappeared.
At the same time, thirty-three days away, in the purple palace in the depths of chaos, the ancestor Hongjun, who had not changed for hundreds of millions of years, sighed lightly. Then he reached out and made a move, but there were two more things in his hand for no reason, but they were the whip and the sealed book.
I saw Hung-chun holding the list of gods in one hand, and then wiping it with the other hand. Suddenly, I saw that all the names originally written on the list of gods disappeared.