However, Chu smiles, but the man in front of the goddess in his heart is too feisty to be suitable for the goddess at all!


The male doctor summoned up his courage. "I’m a doctor here, and you know it’s out of date?" Then what are you doing here? "
"Do what?"
Qin Fan evoked a cold smile at the corner of his mouth and strode to the bed of Chu smile, holding the woman in his arms with domineering attitude.
"Is it a problem to see my girlfriend and watch her?"
Chu Xiao frowned and smelled his faint alcohol. "Did you go drinking again?"
"Well, I didn’t have a car when I came back with Tsukiyomi ikuto and Yunfei."
Qin Fan unconsciously softened her voice when she smiled at Chu, and kissed her delicate and smooth face.
Chu Xiao didn’t respond to this, but his eyes disagreed. "Didn’t I tell you to go back to rest? I have a nurse here. I’m fine. Don’t you stay here."
"I do"
Qin Fan smiled at Chu and turned to look at the male doctor. His eyes became cold again. Dare to covet his woman? How dare you!
"You have work? If you have nothing to do, go out and open the door and don’t disturb us. "
Chu smiled and stared at him. "Who is very much in love with you?"
"Of course it’s you. I’m very much in love with you."
You still feel quite happy to hear such shameless words? She bit her lip, and he is really a piece of wood. I didn’t expect to be so coquettish.
The male doctor saw the faint blush of Chu’s smiling face, and his heart was cool and cool.
He knew at once that he had no chance
Why does the goddess Wu Wu Chu like such a rogue head?
People rushed out, the door was heavily left in the room, and the two of them were left.
Section 513
Chu smiled and leaned against the bed. "What did Tsukiyomi ikuto say to you for a drink?"
Qin Fan, who was overbearing and tender just now, froze with a cold face. "What’s the matter?"
"Who was that pretty boy just now?"
"Why do you say somebody else? Grandma, a new doctor in the hospital, specially recruited herself. She is a master of medicine at a young age, and some foreign academics have achieved great results. "
Hear Chu smile tone is quite praise Qin Fan face more black.
"You know somebody else so well? Talking and laughing is very appetizing to you? "
Chu smile is to listen to the taste to lean on the pillow’s tender corners of the mouth and slowly cock to smile and charm people.
Her tone was teasing, but Qin Fan didn’t refute it as a result.
Chu smiled and blinked and sat up straight, looking unbelievable. "Are you really jealous?"
Qin Fan or with a straight face lips stretched straight.
Chu couldn’t help but want to laugh and feel bad. "Oh, he’s younger than me. How can I have that idea?"
"What if the age is right?"
Chu smile white and fine jade finger on his lips eyebrows slightly wrinkled like in serious thinking.
"If that’s the case, I should think about it."
Qin Fan roar sounded in the ear, and the cup was shaking with anger.
Chu laughed suddenly and the louder he laughed, the louder he could not stop like a bell.
Seeing Qin Fan’s face as black as the bottom of the pot, he slowly stopped.
Her eyes overflow with laughter, watery and beautiful, and she looks up at Qin Fan closely.
"I quite like to see you jealous. It’s cute."
She tilted her head, and the light in her eyes made Qin Fan inhale suddenly.
This woman, this woman is as poisonous as poppy, and every amorous feelings fascinates him deeply.
Qin Fanyin is a little hoarse. "You will like it better when I wait for you to leave the hospital that day."
Wait until grandma Chu finally got out of the hospital with a smile that day Qin Fan didn’t notice anyone.
"No, why didn’t anyone pick me up when I left the hospital?"
Chu smiled strangely and frowned. Qin Fan pulled the door directly. "I’m not a person?"
"A little meaning? She knows that words will come. "
Qin Fan simply did it himself, stuffed the woman who looked around into the car and left by herself in the cab.
Joke: He has been waiting for this day for a long time. How can he let some irrelevant people disturb him?
The car went all the way to the Chuxiao apartment building. When Chuxiao Building walked to his door, his body could not help but shake gently.
It was here that she was kidnapped by that madman and imprisoned in that room.
Chu smiled and felt faint pain again. No one could save her. Fear slowly attacked her again.
Suddenly her hand fell into a warm palm.
"I’ve installed an alarm here, a dead angle camera, and you’re not afraid of being stared at 24 hours a day."