Everyone doesn’t think much of Bo Jingjing, and she can’t get in.


Most of the people who bet directly bet on Bojingjing can’t get in!
In the eyes of everyone, Jingjing slowly approached the enchantment and slowly reached out and stretched out his hand toward the enchantment.
Let a person feel the difference scene happened. Bo Jingjing actually put her hand through it!
Everyone was amazed, and some people saw this scene and tried to put their hands in, but it turned out that they couldn’t get in.
Bo Jingjing couldn’t help but feel the difference. She was holding a try attitude, but she didn’t think she could really go in.
Chi yuan Wu wear his nose to see wave jingjing can go in and feel the difference than shock.
At the same time, he couldn’t help feeling proud of himself.
How’s it going? Those ministers can’t get in and his women can!
This is a matter of putting a light on his face.
But others don’t think like Chi Yuan. They think Chi Mi’s vision is unique.
Although Bo Jingjing is a woman from Xiangge, she is different. It is only when she can really feel it that Bo Jingjing will be his woman once.
That pool has always been drunk on Yun, especially is it more extraordinary to prove that Yun is drunk?
I really don’t know what happened in it.
I want to go in, but I can’t
Bo Jingjing walked towards the inside and found that there was no one around her as far as the eye could see.
She looked around puzzled and immediately called out, "Toffee?"
On the other side of Jin Guangzhong, Chixuan was chased by Tiefan and Yunshang and couldn’t help screaming.
But he felt that his foot suddenly seemed to climb something, and he stumbled and fell down.
When he looked back again, he found that Tiefan and Yunshang had disappeared.
Chi Xuan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. When he was about to get up, Bo Jingjing appeared in front of him again.
He didn’t see Bo Jingjing, and he wanted to see a veiled woman’s office, and he didn’t recognize who the person in front of him was.
"Come and help!" Chi Xuan stretched out his hand for help at Bo Jingjing.
Bo Jingjing couldn’t help but feel puzzled when he saw it. Chi Xuan was assassinated here?
Such a thought that wave Jingjing couldn’t help but blink his eyes and then approached Chixuan and leaned over to say "Yes".
Only after ChiXuan lifted up from the ground.
Chi Xuan saw Yun Zui and Chi Mie besides Tie Fan and Yun Shang, but he didn’t see the fifth person. Now he sees Bo Jingjing, and he feels that he may be safe.
"The emperor doesn’t know who has the courage to assassinate the emperor?" Wave jingjing doubt ask
In fact, it is inquiry.
Hearing the words, Chi Xuan immediately replied, "It’s Tie Fan and Yun Shang who dare to assassinate me. After I go out, I’ll make them copy it all!"
Said ChiXuan bite a tooth with a hatred.
To get rid of Mu Lian, forget it. Now Yun Shang and Tie Fan are actually rebelling because of Mu Lian and Yun Mo. Then he has a pain killer!
"Are they? They are loyal subjects. "Bo Jingjing also felt a little confused.
However, Chi Xuan said, "I wouldn’t believe that they actually have a regicide heart if I didn’t experience it with my own eyes."
Bo Jingjing’s eyes flashed and she thought this might be a good opportunity!
Chapter 673 Everyone wants him dead
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"The emperor regicide can never keep the emperor. Go out and let people rescue him now. My daughter will wait here for the general and his wife to resist." Bo Jingjing suggested.
Wen Yan Chi Xuan couldn’t help asking immediately, "This is wonderful, but who are you?"
Bo Jingjing thought it might not matter if she said who she was, because Chi Xuan would never have a chance to go out!
"Bitterness Bo Jingjing" said Bo Jingjing, bending over slightly.
Smell speech Chi Xuan immediately turned white. It turned out to be Xiangge, who was blindfolded at that time and didn’t recognize it. Now it is really remarkable at first sight.
"Then I must be raised thickly when I go back." Then I quickly walked out.
When he saw Bo Jingjing’s mouth smile, he immediately put it away slowly and pulled out a flute in his sleeve.
Of course, she won’t miss such an excellent opportunity to let ChiXuan get out alive.
Putting the flute to her lips, Bo Jingjing wanted to call out the snake, which made people miss the pool, but she was bitten by a poisonous snake and died of poison.
But Bojingjing blew several notes, but there was no sign of a snake.

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