Sicarra eyes a bright how to forget the flame baron? With his help, the real enemy musketeers are not easy to get?


"Then try it quickly!"
In Sicarra, I urged the Baron Kiel of Fire to say the spell silently, and soon I heard him shout "Flame detection!"
The voice just fell in front of him, and then he plunged into the tunnel with a raging fire, and strangely enough, the miners appeared in front of him, and the flame seemed to never disappear, and it was continuously input into the pit.
He once tried this trick on Leo hiding in a cave in Flame Ridge, but Leo escaped the disaster by hiding in a deep pool.
However, this strange trick soon took effect, and two depressing screams came out of the tunnel one after another to see that it was burned by the sudden flame, either burned or burned to death! Although the scream is slight, it is not difficult for Sicarra and Baron Flame to hear it.
Sicarra, the four-cornered magic snake, was about to laugh when he saw the effect, but he saw the flame baron Kiel suddenly shook his head. "These musketeers are really cunning. They dug a tunnel again, and my flame method penetrated into the tunnel again."
Sicarra stayed for a while and immediately woke up and hated tunnel "When did all these Turin fools become smart!"
Baron Kiel guessed, "I think it’s mostly that guy Leo is up to something. I used this method to deal with him once, but I accidentally didn’t find him and let him escape."
Sicarra patted him on the shoulder. "Don’t worry, those idiots in Turin, they nest can’t stop this time!"
Instead of saying anything, Baron Flame asked, "There must still be enemy musketeers hidden in the tunnel, but they have tunnels to hide. We will take them for a while. Why don’t we give up here and continue to March on Leuven?"
It’s a pity that Baron Flame’s suggestion didn’t get the consent of Sicarra, the confidant of the respected dragon Lord.
"No, these hateful musketeers keep harassing me. If I don’t catch them, I won’t be able to calm down!" Sicarra said and turned his head and ordered, "Dig this crossing for me. I can’t believe it. They will always hide in it!"
Baron Flame was dumbfounded when he heard this. "No, no, no, no respect for Sicarra’s adult. It won’t work … Just now, I explored the tunnel by flame exploration and found that there is no end to it. If I guess correctly, if you take the way of digging tunnels to hide in the musketeers, you may move to other places. This is a waste of time!"
"What?" Sicarra was completely dumbfounded.
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The fact finally proved that the words of Baron Kiel the Flame almost dug the hundred meters around the crossing upside down as the crossing got bigger and bigger. The tunnel was just the tip of the iceberg, and even the ghost of a Turin musketeer was not seen.
Only then did Sicarra realize that he had made a huge mistake. He hated the tunnel: "These stupid Torino orcs really understand that they have dug so many tunnels. Those damn goblins must have done it. I can’t think of anyone who would have dug so many, so long and so complicated tunnels in such a short time!"
Baron Kiel nodded his head and looked at the direction of Louvain. "Sicarra’s adult, you are absolutely right. Those damn goblins are really good at digging tunnels. From the point of view of the tunnel layout we dug out, it’s quite complicated. The rabbit has three caves, but they dug out the tunnel and it’s more than three caves." Even if we dug this tunnel, I’m afraid they would have heard the noise and fled to hide in another tunnel! "
Sicarra, the four-cornered magic snake, sighed and his face was cold. "I think these stupid goblins can’t think of such a clever idea. It’s definitely that hateful human being! Only humans have such wisdom! Come up with a tunnel to fight us! "
Baron Flame also sighed, "Now it depends on whether it is impossible for us to get the effect by digging tunnels. The most direct way is to drive straight into Louvain. Once Louvain is captured, the whole of Turin will be just around the corner. For the disadvantaged races in Turin, once Turin is lost, they will have no roots and will not last long!"
Sicarra, a four-cornered magic snake, carefully thought that this idea of Baron Flame really makes sense, and at the same time, everyone can see that this guy doesn’t really take refuge in the great dragon Lord. If he didn’t have scruples about killing the donkey, this guy would have been killed by the Lord! But this guy is really intelligent, so beware of him!
"I ordered the army to continue to luven! Never mind the musketeers’ attacks along the way! "
Sicarra, the four-cornered magic snake, caused an uproar in the vanguard corps as soon as he ordered a horse, especially for the skeleton lords and the black widows, who have lost their backbone. Unlike Baron Flame, they can also protect them from the role of cannon fodder by themselves, but no one dares to disobey Sicarra’s order to pray that they will not be killed by the other musketeers.
The fluctuation of morale can be considered as one aspect, but with the reckless advance to Luwen, the low morale caused by the frequent sneak attacks by enemy musketeers is the most critical.
Sicarra, the four-cornered snake, naturally noticed this, and he hated the Musketeers in Turin and vowed to have a bloodbath after arriving in Louvain!
Just as the front-line musket corps launched a guerrilla war against the invading enemy in the cave, the new tunnel network here in Turin gradually took shape. The goblins were born to dig the hearts of the disadvantaged races in Turin, and Qi Li went to cooperate with them to complete this great pioneering work in just a few days
This time, the excavation of the tunnel network was fed back by the frontline musket corps with the help of the actual combat experience of the tunnel, and the experience was greatly improved. It really achieved the fortifications of being able to fight and hide, being waterproof, fireproof and anti-toxic, and gradually formed the joint defense outside the network of houses and streets to cooperate with each other to attack the enemy.
However, considering that Queen, the Lord of the Dragon, has stronger strength, it is possible that Turin will insist on the temporary commander of the fighting station, Leo Ling, for a long time to transfer all necessary materials to the tunnel and make preparations for moistureproof and anticorrosion.
In the afternoon, Leo received the news from the Musketeer Corps again. The Dragon Lord Pioneer Corps has been completely delayed, and the advancing speed has been completely delayed. The Musketeer Corps has been shadowed and attacked, which has severely damaged the enemy in the cave. However, because the other side has a fire magician, fire magic can run rampant in the tunnel, and the casualties of its own musketeers are gradually expanding.
Leo Ma woke up, and this fire wizard definitely took the initiative to take refuge in the dragon Lord Quinn, Baron Kiel of Fire!
He decided that it was time for him to lead the Knife Corps to attack, and the key target of this raid was not to mention the first one, the Baron Kiel of Fire, who would be poor for a day!
Thinking of this, he immediately informed the heads of all ethnic groups in Turin to come to the meeting of the Chamber and handed over his temporary commander-in-chief position to Huo Dou, the head of the tauren.
The Knife Corps is a brave man selected by Leo from all ethnic groups in Turin. Although there are only a few dozen brave men, all of them have extraordinary strength. Because the selection standard was that these brave men must reach the strength of a one-star senior soldier, there are tauren and dwarves in Turin. The members of the Knife Corps mainly come from these two ethnic groups.
The heads of families of all ethnic groups have no objection to the raid, but everyone knows that the powerful Baron Kiel almost killed Leo in the Flame Ridge. Worse still, behind Baron Kiel, there is a dragon Lord, a confidant, and a four-cornered snake, Sicarra. This guy is not weak, although he is certainly not weak against Leo’s opponents, but it is not easy for Leo to kill them with such two powerful enemies United.
"I know everyone is worried about my safety!" Leo looked around one by one, and his eyes were touched. "But the enemy is getting closer and closer to Louvain, and our magic crystal gun has not been finished yet. We will hold off the victory balance for one more day before we tilt more toward us."
Leo finally told everyone that night, Leo led himself to choose warriors from all tribes and set off for the front line overnight. At noon the next day, he finally arrived at the front line and emerged from the crossing. From a distance, the pioneer corps of the Dragon Corps was really powerful, and the whole wasteland was dark. Although his musketeers kept firing and caused casualties to the enemy, compared with the other party’s huge troop base, the root of casualties was nothing!
"Dear Commander, look over there, it’s the Baron Kiel of Fire!" Rurba, the tauren, was in charge of the front musket corps command and was accompanied by him at this moment.
Look down Ruerba’s eyes, Leo finally saw the flame baron Kiel who almost killed himself again, and the four-cornered magic snake around the flame baron was obviously the head of the Dragon Pioneer Corps, Sicarra!