Three pieces of rune paper joined end to end in his hand to form a long bundle.


Spell-like light stirs to burst into blue sparks, and a long sword with carved hilt appears in the hands of blue ink Yan.
Mushiyu pupil with a shrink.
There are not many spells that can embody weapons, and there are very few people who can be flexible.
However, this is not because the spell is complicated and difficult to understand, but because modern people have insufficient mastery of this cold weapon.
"Interesting. Do you want to talk about things and fight with my Yin soldiers?" Mu Shiyu sneered.
Green ink Yan ignored his provocation and went straight to yazi.
No one dares to stand in front when King Gu is fighting.
It’s like two hills involved, and it will be crushed into patties in an instant.
Qing Moyan relaxed her wrist twice in a row and made a grip on the hilt.
It’s been a long time, but he’s not worried at all.
At night in Xia Guo, he didn’t dare to make his swordsmanship extremely skillful, even if he closed his eyes, he wouldn’t make mistakes in his swordsmanship.
Yazi seemed to feel his approach and suddenly opened his mouth and turned his head to bite him.
Qing Mo Yan’s sword with one hand never dodges the front of the sword, and then raises the sword higher than the shoulder and swings it.
The blade of the sword struck the back neck of the yazi.
MuShiYu disdain cold snorted "such things …"
After saying his word, the blood spattered on the neck and the strong muscles were exposed at the part cut by the blade.
The yazi growled in pain, and the neck force hung to one side.
Mu Shiyu stood there stiffly, unable to believe his eyes.
You know, he summoned the dragon, but the other party got a humble cold weapon and chopped the beast. How is that possible!
Although it is injured, its strength and endurance are still strong.
It leans back, its head is inhaling a lot of air, and then its chest expands rapidly, and a spell light flashes faintly in its mouth.
"Qing Mo Yan be careful!" RuXiaoNan couldn’t help jumping chair and clinging to the broken window, even her hand was cut by broken glass without realizing it.
Although she has never seen such a spell, she has heard of it. Even the most powerful teacher of Yin and Yang can use lightning strike alone.
Spitting out from the dragon mouth in the spirit beast will be as powerful as conan the destroyer.
"Madam, please step back." Xuanji came over and forced Ruxiao Nan.
The yazi’s mouth is open, and a deadly lightning spell is brewing deep in its throat.
Blue globules flashed from its teeth and thundered.
Green ink Yan yazi is very close, but he didn’t dodge the positive yazi confrontation.
Chapter 5 raw food cruel god makes life.
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Using thunder spell to create the δ net in Thunderstorm Ring 1
Ru Xiaonan kept a close eye on Lou Qingmo Yan regardless of Xuanji’s obstruction.
If the spell-like exhibition has considerable destructive power and is hit, the water in the human body will be completely steamed in an instant and eventually become a pile of charred mummies.
Blue ink Yan looked at it with contempt and looked at it to complete the spell composition.
As the yazi breathes, it leaks sparks from its mouth.
Green ink Yan slowly raised his hand to carve the blade, which seems to have no power, but green ink Yan easily tore the yazi jaw.
The sword body runs through the yazi jaw and forms a thunderstorm with its mouth mantra.
My eyes widened in horror.
Forcibly shut your mouth and disturb the spell. The blue light suddenly becomes chaotic, and flowers overflow from its mouth.
Give a vague cry.
Mu Shiyu was also shocked by the blow of Qing Mo Yan.
How is it possible to take him so easily?
Mu Shiyu suddenly reached into his pocket and pulled out a pistol.
Ru Xiaonan couldn’t help crying out "Qing Mo Yan be careful Mu Shiyu!"
But she is too far away and I don’t know if Green Ink Yan can hear it.
Mu Shiyu pulled the trigger relentlessly toward Qing Mo Yan "Go to hell"
"bang" one
RuXiaoNan fingers with a shrink broken glass and cut her finger.
Blue ink yan tilted to the left.
It seems to others that he didn’t even move his body, which was a crooked head.
Mushiyu gulped in and stared at the opposite green ink face.
How is it possible …
Blue ink Yan looked at his side after straightening his head, and his eyes showed disdain.
Mu Shiyu could see the word "waste" spit out by Qing Moyan’s lips.
It seems that something is interrupted in Mu Shiyu’s brain.
You mean him, punk?
Are you kidding? He is the best teacher of Yin and Yang in this family.
At the age of 15, he passed the examination of the sky and the moon.
What a joke! What a joke!
Mu Shiyu raised his gun again. This time, he didn’t even take aim, so he took a few breaths and knocked out all the bullets left in the gun.
He held the hot barrel and gasped there.
Huh? Why is Qingmo Yan gone?
He glanced around or not.
He escaped?
Just as he was in a daze, he was suddenly hit on the back.
Green ink yan kicked behind him.